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How long does it take to get fit?

I play a lot of sport but, due to exams, I stopped for about three weeks. How long does it take to get back fit? I have important competitions coming up and I feel my fitness it not as good enough. Can I do anything that will quicken the process?

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8 Responses to “How long does it take to get fit?”

  1. ryanc said :

    Practice practice practice.

  2. miawmiaw_06 said :

    Liposuction!! But it is $3500..:) You’ll be slim and fit in no time..:) Hahah.. Seriously, you can’t rush things like that dude..:) You don’t want yo-yo dieting right?

  3. andy e said :

    Define “fit”,fit as in running a marathon or winning the 100m sprint?

  4. Matt said :

    practice practice practice practice

  5. neashtall said :

    As always fitness levels depend on the size/age of you etc.

    Remember, the quickest way to get fit again isn’t always the best. Anyhow, I doubt in three weeks you have lost that much fitness (unless you have gorged out on a bad diet). In a matter of a few days could bring you back to your fitness of three weeks ago.

  6. Lucia K said :

    i believe in total body activity such as swimming every day the benefit of hydromassage is great cause it works on the internal organs too Combining swimming with an ideal diet such as basic mediterranean you will achive the perfect goal. congratulations

  7. Deleted_Life said :

    It’s wise to keep up physical activities, but do not strain yourself. If you strain yourself, there is a strong possibility of injury.

    Running and walking are great ways to get fit and stay in shape.

    I’m assuming you are a young athlete, I recommend this site for tips and exercises:

    It’s a really great site.

  8. JULIAN said :

    You could be helped by using a home workout program to add muscles and build yourself back up.
    See below for link to a review of 1 hour muscles


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