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how long do you crave nicotine after stopping smoking ?

how long does the nicotine stay in your system after stopping smoking?

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4 Responses to “how long do you crave nicotine after stopping smoking ?”

  1. Gabby M said :

    quite a while. Your body has gotten used tot he nicotine and has developed a tolerance for it. Now, taking smoking out of your “diet” can make you have reactions and stuff. You should chew nicorette gum and use the patches because your body will seriously hate you. You will crave nicotine for a while. Slowly take yourself off the gum and patches and the need for nicotine will decrease as time progresses.

  2. SweetJosie said :

    I think if you had a bad smoking problem you are going to crave them for a long time . I used to smoke and I still miss them when I see others are smoking . I have even dreamed of smoking . I have not smoked in 10 years . Please don’t go back to them .They really do cause cancer.

  3. neonlights1971 said :

    Well about 2 weeks is what I’d say.. I stop smoking for about 2 months and I it was about umm.. 2 weeks possibly? dunno depends on your stress level, depends on you good luck

  4. ruhullah1 said :

    OK. Nicotine stays in the system for a long,long time, years and years. Now don’t be discouraged. There is a remedy for that. If you have health insurance you ask your doctor what steps he can take to detoxify your nicotine in your body– system. There is a procedure for detoxifying nicotine completely or at least 90 to 95 per cent from the system. It is an extra-ordinary procedure and I just hope your doctor knows about it. Without detoxifying it remains in your system for about 10 to 15 years, depending.

    Now coming to the craving part it is a virtually endless affair. I said virtually not actually. It depends all on your will power. For the first two to three years you will occasionally feel the urge to smoke. But it all depends upon you. I for myself gave up smoking for one year, 18 months, and six months. Unfortunately the company I had influenced me and I re-started it. So remember these golden points. People, places and things. Stop meeting people who smoke. Don’t go to a place where people smoke. Destroy and/or throw away all lighters and evidences of smoking from your house . These are the things that will always lure you. So kindly do that.

    Whatever be the case, it,as I said all depends on your will power. If you want never to smoke again, just stay away from all the things I told you. God has given you this life and body. It is your life and your body. You know the hazards of smoking. Just stay away from it. And away from the people who smoke. And away from the things that can lure you. Much depends on your will power. I do sincerely wish you good luck in your efforts. I pray that you succeed. Smoking is a curse. Just shun it out. Cold turkey. And if you are using patches or nicorette gum fine. But then as I said it all depends on your will power. I am sure you will succeed in just forgetting that fire that causes disaster. Best wishes.


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