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How is stress related to fat and weight gain?

I’ve read that stress causes you to gain weight and fat. What I am wondering is, does it have to be a lot of stress for this to occur and why does this occur?

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3 Responses to “How is stress related to fat and weight gain?”

  1. Olivia J said :

    I don’t totally see the connection either. I assume people “stress eat” and sleep less when stressed – which means weight gain.

  2. Sarcastic Sid said :

    the connection is stress causes you to eat junk food leading to weight gain. You can handle stress by exercise which relieves stress. It’s all about how you deal with stress

  3. xosailorsgirlox said :

    I get stressed out really easily and then I tend to go into a depression. It doesn’t have to be a lot of stress either. When people get stressed out they eat more and they make poor choices about what they eat. You also tend to either sleep more or hardly sleep at all and niether of those is very good for your metabolism. So there is definitely a link between stress and weight gain.


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