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How is a good and fast way for me to lose fat?

I want to lose fat on my stomach and thighs, I recently lost a lot of weight, but now I have some unwanted fat in those areas. Can you help?

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4 Responses to “How is a good and fast way for me to lose fat?”

  1. Running Water said :

    Your body is probably going through a period of adjustment. We often find when we are losing weight that people lose in some areas first and then fat on other areas become more visible. Everyone is genetically programmed to lose fat at different rates in different areas. So just give your body time to catch up with itself and continue with your diet. It sounds as if you are doing a good job so far.

  2. Cindy said :

    The Ultimate Body Applicator is great for toning/firming loose skin.It also detoxifies the fat layer resulting in immediate inch loss. It can be applied to any trouble area. The first time I used Iost 4 1/4 inches off of my abdomen(total of 3 areas) It has been featured at the emmy’s and oscars, truly a fantastic product.

  3. Health Fitness Coach 2009 said :

    Try the Fat X fitness program. The diet and workouts are free at… . Hope it helps and good luck!

  4. Lauren said :

    I love using the ultimate body press dip bar,… . I find it very effective on toning my stomach muscles and I’ve been utilizing it a bit more these last couples week for toning for an upcoming summer vacation.

    I suggest trying out this fitness bar. They even have great instructional videos on this site.

    It’s really light weight and portable and very easy to store. I love working out at home rather than the gym so this is a great piece of fitness equipment to have in your home. My husband even enjoys using the piece.

    They also have a great blog that is full of exercise and nutrition tips.

    Hope this helps and best of luck!


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