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How Important are carbs when it comes to gaining muscle?

I hear that lots of people put way too much effort into eating protein and that carbs are just as if not more important. I dont understand why? What is the role of carbs in gaining muscle? From what I understand proteins are the building blocks of muscle. Any information greatly appreciated!

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4 Responses to “How Important are carbs when it comes to gaining muscle?”

  1. Nick! said :

    Well, I don’t have any “expert” knowledge in this area, but I do know that eating lots of carbs does help with body building. I’m not sure why though. Maybe just to bulk up to burn it?

  2. Shree P said :

    Well you need carbs for energy. All to much protein is hard on your kidneys. YOu need to have SOME fat. I work out and make sure i have carbs too. Its about balance.

  3. JustDoIt said :

    Carbs are an important source of energy, and the body consumes it first when doin exercise or things like weightlifting. So of course they’re jus as important as proteins when it comes to gaining muscles

  4. Anthony said :

    Very important. Carbs provide the FUEL for the muscle building process. Protein and fats are the building blocks.

    Think of protein and fats as bricks to a house. The house being muscle. The bricks will just sit there unless there are bricklayers who will put the bricks into use. Think of carbs as the bricklayers.


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