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How great is pasta for you when dieting?

My friend said eating pasta or bake ziti is great for you when your dieting, is he right? Im looking to lose weight, so I need help on foods.

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17 Responses to “How great is pasta for you when dieting?”

  1. phustleman98 said :

    very very bad starch is no good while dieting

  2. wolfsmoon71 said :

    No pasta is full of carbs, um carbs are bad. Veggies are good for you.

  3. IvanaLickyu said :

    doesn’t sounds like it would be the best.

  4. Ski owl said :

    as long as you eat it in moderation

  5. Spencer I said :

    its a good choice if you are just dieting in general. It has ALOT of carbs (energy) even though it does weigh a lot.
    If you are losing weight for a competition i wouldn’t recommend it however

  6. Bex said :

    Everything in moderation !!!

  7. Joe Biden VP said :

    I love it and I’m on a diet all the time

  8. Seahawker said :

    No the opposite actually. Full of carbs

  9. BrooklynGal said :

    whole wheat. best pasta even tho pasta is bad while dieting. lol. wont taste as good, but its pasta

  10. azprincess said :

    eating pasta is the wrong thing to eat. they said stay away from starches when on a diet. pasta is very high in starch just like bread.

  11. tiny dan said :

    if you have gout or arthritis pasta is the best thing for you , it is low in purines , its fattening though so be careful

  12. Sophia M said :

    It’s not actually, not unless you’re planning on running a lot

    Pasta has lots of carbohydrates…it basically stores energy in your body for later use (usually the next day or day after). However if you don’t use this energy it turns into fat

  13. gypsie_spiryt said :

    The problem with pasta is the portion size. Most Americans do not know what the correct portion size is. As long as you stick to one serving (one portion) then you should be fine, but too much of anything is never good.

  14. Roll said :

    Pasta…that’s alot of carbs :/

    I’m assuming you want to burn fat…but before your body burns the fat it’ll go through sugar and carbs first, thus delaying your weight loss.

  15. marisa said :

    when dieting you will need energy. remember those are carbs which will give you energy, but you must expend so you dont store fat from lack of activity. good before a good work out or run. to lose weight you need more veggies, fruit, small meals spread out throughout the day, no eating late and of course your meats. cutting out the sugars and junk food is normally the hardest part (ie: sodas, cakes, pies, snacks, chips, etc)

  16. Islandgal said :

    Pasta is great when you are exercising routinely. It is an enriched carbohydrate. People who exercise regularly need excess carbs. If you are dieting and exercising, veggies and fruit with protein to build muscle is essential.

    Good luck

  17. Jenny R said :

    well it depends. you can get whole grain pasta which is much healthier than white pasta. avoid the cheeses though. they obviously have a high fat content.

    any starch and carbohydrate is like sugar: it’s fine a as long as you exercise to burn off the energy gained. the whole grain pasta has a medium or low glycemic load. this gives you “more time” to use the sugar from the pasta.


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