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How good is Bio-Electronic Regulatory Medicine for testing allergies?

I am keen to undergo allergy testing and have come across someone who offers allergy testing using Bio-Electronic Regulatory Medicine. I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience of this and if they could give me some feedback as I wouldn’t want to waste my money on something that was a load of old cobblers! Your feedback would be appreciated!

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2 Responses to “How good is Bio-Electronic Regulatory Medicine for testing allergies?”

  1. Laura L said :

    not sure what that is.
    But my Dr. uses a little wand connected to a machine on which he places a vial of the item he is testing for.
    It is very good and painless testing as there are no needles used, just putting the wand ont he side of the finger to register the test.

  2. KungFoolio said :

    BioElectronic Regulatory Medicine is nothing but a scam.


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