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How fit can you reasonably get in a week?

I’m going to do a lot of physical activity– hiking, etc– for Christmas, and thanks to finals I’m a bit out of shape. How much can I work out and how fit can I expect to be?

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5 Responses to “How fit can you reasonably get in a week?”

  1. Stout22 said :

    in a week, you wont be in much better shape if your new to working out. if you work out regularly and just took a few weeks off or something, you’ll get back in shape VERY quickly. but a week isnt really enough time to see any noticeable results. it usually takes about 2 weeks to start seeing changes. but hey, start now and bring in the new year with better fitness!

  2. physicist said :

    ypu won’t make any real gains in a week, but some warm up activites now may help you not be quite so sore after those activities.

    Don’t skip the exercise during finals, breaking up the studying with some moderate exercise will help you focus and maintain energy.

  3. joy b said :

    It all depends on your lifestyle factors, such as smoking, drinking, diet, sleep, stress and drugs such as medication.
    You may not notice it in a week, but your heart will improve abit, so will you lungs, muscle endurance and aerobic endurance would also increase. To notice results exercise must in taken out for 6 weeks.
    To increase your fitness consider:
    > drinking a lot of water, we are talking 8 glasses a day.
    > cut out chocolate, sweets, meat.
    > and try to do a physical activity for about 40 minutes a day.
    Also just a bit of information you may want to know:
    for you to start training your body you must to be in a state called ‘Training Zone’, to get to ‘Training Zone’ you heart must be high – to get your heart high you have to do exercise for about 15 minutes then your heart is in the ‘Training Zone’
    Hope that helped (=

  4. papricka w said :

    You won’t become very fit in a week. What you can do in a week is to get started slowly into your fitness routine. Do something every day. Walk, jog, sit ups, whatever you can think of. Just don’t overwhelm yourself with a lot of activity when you are not used to it.

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