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How fast would i gain muscle under these conditions?

I am 16. I read that you rebuild lost muscle much faster than building new muscle that you never had before. I lost a lot of muscle due to under eating on a diet while doing a lot of cardio. How fast should i rebuild the lost muscle if i start working out? Would it be realistic of me to gain (as a beginner) 3 pounds of muscle a month?

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3 Responses to “How fast would i gain muscle under these conditions?”

  1. Daniel said :

    What? If muscle has been lost then you have to rebuild it from scratch because it’s not there anymore.

  2. tonyjames said :

    the general term for this is muscle memory. When an active person repeatedly trains the outcome is to induce physiological changes which attain increased levels of accuracy through repetition. Even though the process is really brain-muscle memory or motor memory, the expression “muscle memory” is commonly used.

    an estimate that meat heads tend to use is that we lose muscle at a third the rate we gain, so if we train for 3 years after 1 year we will be back to normal. To get big quick depends on your natural ability, your diet and the amount of and quality of effort you put in.
    as a guide you will need to increase your calorie intake by about 50%, see how that goes and give your muscles time off to recover. 3lb muscle in one month is a bit optimistic and for every lb muscle gained you should expect to gain 2 or 3lb fat. Thats just the way the cooky crumbles im afraid, you can focus on losing the fat and getting ripped later,that will need another question.

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