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How fast can you run on a treadmill?

I ask this because yesterday, bored with my usual routine I decided to speed things up a bit. I got up to 7.5K per hour and felt like I was flying. Do you ever sprint on the treadmill and if so how fast can you go? My only fear is of losing concentration and flying off. I have done once ha ha.

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9 Responses to “How fast can you run on a treadmill?”

  1. tinkerbell said :

    I’m scared of flying off too so i stick aroung 4k…….. i’m a scaredy cat.

  2. quiksilver said :

    well mine only goes up to 10mph so thats as high as i can go

  3. [email protected] said :

    I usually stick to about 4, but I do occasionally go up to 8 for a few minutes. before getting scared and putting my feet on either side and lowering it to 3 and made my way up to 4/5 again

  4. Bigfra said :

    Most treadmills are limited to 9-10mph (14-16kph). I am only comfortable doing about 9.5k on the treadmill although I will someimtes do 30 second sprint bursts of 11k. I guess the most importnat thing is safety, so go at a speed where you feel safe and comfortable so you get the most from your workout.

  5. Samuel said :

    You can go pretty fast. I’ve gone on 8K and when I was done I was dieing. My friend went on 10K like nothing. I think you can run faster outside but you get tired more.

  6. ASHY LARRY said :

    7K is what I usually run on the treadmill then the last 400 meter run the highest speed which is 12K but I’m training for the 400 meter sprints so that’s just a warm up for the day.

  7. Natasha F said :


  8. Yeti said :

    Most treadmills will max out at 10mph (which is 6 min/miles). Some will go to 12 mph (which is 5 min/miles). And yes, even if you can stay on it that fast for a bit, for most people it can get harder to get to the buttons to slow it down, you’re more likely to misstep and injure yourself, etc. The big question really is what’s sustainable. 🙂

  9. detroitsports19 said :

    My treadmill can go up to at least 12, but it starts overheating at around 9.5… Yes, I’ve fallen off before too haha


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