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how effective is a walker exercise machine in burning fat and getting you fit?

you know the thing thats sort of like a cross trainer but just has 1 level of hardness just wanted to know this as u can go on this for half an hour and not really even be out of breath so are they effective or not???

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3 Responses to “how effective is a walker exercise machine in burning fat and getting you fit?”

  1. Jellybaby said :

    You can walk for an hour, even an hour and a half and while you will burn off a decent amount of calories (and body fat), the thing to remember is that you will continue to do so for the next 22hours! (the walk will deplete your store of carbs – which takes the body 22hours to replace – so in that time the body has to use you fat stores for the energy required just to keep you alive). So yes – a steady paced walk everyday will be effective burning fat. Ideally you should walk at about 4mph – a steady pace that you can keep up indefinitely – for at least 20 minutes, preferably more.

  2. Seagull said :

    No, they are not effective.

    Furthermore, it is incorrect that your body will continue burning fat after a low intensity cardio session. Your body will burn fat during the session, but in the end, it will not be a significant amount as you are burning so few calories in the first place.

    It is only weightlifting and high intensity cardio, especially intervals (HIIT or Tabata), that will cause your body to continue burning significant amounts of fat after the workout; see sites like Stumptuous,, and testosterone nation for articles that explain this process.

  3. LillyB said :

    If you are not slightly out of breath at least then you just wasted half an hour. Why not just try real walking – its free and won’t take up space in your house3.


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