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How does Yoga Help in Weight Loss ?

Yoga is touted as one of the best ways to lose weight. But how much weight is lost depends on what type of yoga you are currently engaging in. The best type of yoga for the job is power yoga, wherein traditional yoga is combined with cardiovascular exercises. However, many experts doubt that power yoga is as successful as running, swimming, or fast walking in delivering results.

Despite these doubts, it is undeniable that power yoga can help you jumpstart your exercise program. For those interested in it but do not have sufficient yoga experience yet, you may want to enroll in traditional yoga classes so as to familiarize yourself with the poses.

Some say that doing yoga in a room that has a temperature of 105 degrees F (or 40.55 degrees Celsius) has enormous weight loss benefits. While you may truly feel lighter after this, studies show that the weight lost was just water weight due to sweat.

Hatha yoga, or mat yoga, is also believed to contribute to weight loss if it is practiced regularly. Your muscles will also become more flexible and toned. However, an hour of Hatha yoga does not have the same benefits as one hour of fast walking. The latter burns more calories than the former.

In a study conducted in the National Cancer Institute, those who practiced yoga for an hour every week lost 5 pounds in 4 years, as compared to non-yoga practitioners who gained 14 pounds in the same span of time. Yoga might not yield fast results, but it can definitely prevent weight gain in time.

Because yoga deals with making an individual more aware of his or her mind and body, many believe that this will lead to a change of eating habits. People who are more aware of what they put into their bodies tend to be more careful as to what kinds and how much food they eat. While this deals with the mind rather than physical processes, it will definitely help the individual in the journey to weight loss.

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