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How does weightloss work and what should I do?

I’m 5’10, I’m 14, and I’m 311 lbs. I’m defintaly not proud of it. I’ve been overweight my whole life. I’m getting picked on at school and I can’t keeep up in gym class and it’s horrible. I’ve been thinking of drinkin slot of water, walk a mile or two every night and possibly going weightlifting. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Please if u can tell me everything I need to do.

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One Response to “How does weightloss work and what should I do?”

  1. jojofan220 said :

    I have the exact same problem and put the question on here also. When I get an answer, i will definatly share. Umm…. have you tried dancing? I am gonna start doing that, I have heard it helps! 🙂


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