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How does Vinegar help if you are dieting?

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9 Responses to “How does Vinegar help if you are dieting?”

  1. ilovelamp said :

    it helps you to digest, since it’s an acid

  2. Janbull said :

    Its acidic so will cut through fat and grease

  3. katrina c said :

    i wish it did cos i’d drink it if it worked giggle

  4. Poe B said :

    Vinegar will add flavor to vegtables without add un-wanted callories.

  5. Lollipop said :

    Normal vinegar does not help with health or diet. It contains aceitc acid which is as bad for your liver as alcohol so could eventually slow down your liver’s effectiveness at breaking down fats.

    Some people rave about Apple Cider Vinegar as a diet aid but again, there is question over what putting such levels of an acidic substance into your body can do to your health.

    There’s some info on Cider Vinegar here

    As with all fads, and claimed quick fixes, nothing is better for weight loss than a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of exercise. Ok it might take a little while but it’s the healthiest way and you’re more likely to keep the weight off.

    If there was a magic substance or pill that worked and wasn’t bad for you, why do you think doctors are still struggling to combat obesity?

    The only healthy and sustainable answer is willpower I’m afraid!

  6. Anabell B said :

    yes vinegar works cause it cleanes the body also try olive oil 😀

  7. Rob E said :

    Hi, I’m not sure that there has been any clinical trials proving that vinegar helps with dieting, but there is lots of talk about it. I’ve tried it myself, whilst losing almost 3 stones over a couple of years – with exercise too. I can’t say that it did help me, but I used it for quite a long time and my weight loss seemed good.

    I took cider vinegar as a supplement, regularly through each day.

    The phsyiological benefits are unclear to me, except that the vinegar may somehow affect either/and/or digestion, metabolism etc. Dunno if I was a mug to buy and use it, but I liked to vary my dieting pattern, so that my body didn’t become too used to what I was doing. Eg. a few months of 1 pattern, then switch to heavier exercise or have a couple of weeks relaxing with less dieting etc.

    Cider vinegar has a range of nutrients within it, so it may be that there is a compound benefit of taking them all together, rather than if just 1 or 2 of them were taken alone. Who knows? I don’t think it has been studied sufficiently, or maybe it is just rumour and hearsay that says it works. It may simply help with the digestion process in some way, so that we absorb less of our food, though this would seem to be the opposite of what you would expect.

    I believe it helped me, though we all are likely to get different results.

    Good luck! Rob

  8. Glenda A said :

    It is believed, but not proven that Vinegar not only helps digestion, it also helps the liver remove toxins from the body. The liver was made to move fat from the body. But it also removes toxins from the body. The liver will work very hard to remove toxins and excess water before it can move the fat. Vinegar is one way of helping the liver clean the toxins out so that it has more time to do its original job of transporting and storing fat.

  9. salvationcity said :

    It doesn’t.

    If it did we’d all be walking around with bottles of Sarsons under our arms.


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