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How does the French health insurance system work ?

Ok so im still writing this essay on how the health systems in france. However I do not understand how their health insurance works. So could someone explain it simply please. I understand that most of their Health expenses is covered by the state- but that is all i get.

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2 Responses to “How does the French health insurance system work ?”

  1. NYMod. said :

    look up socialized medicine or universal health care…

  2. mindnet said :

    I’ve lived here in France for 9 years and am not an expert…. but….

    Salaried employees pay tax as does their employer on their income, which is called ‘Social Charges’ this covers health and retirement among other things. However it doesn’t usually cover 100% of health/medical costs!!!!

    Normally the standard contributions cover about 75% of the medical costs. People who are in the French health system have a ‘Carte Vitale’ (Health Card) which has a chip with their ID on. This allows them to get discount when they go to the Chemist for a prescription and allows the Doctor to access their records.

    Many people take out a private health insurance or ‘Top Up health insurance’ to take care of the final 25% medical fees.

    Normally if it’s a serious illness then the standard state covers 100%, things like Broken legs, cancer etc.

    Good luck with the essay!


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