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How does somebody lose weight fast?

Some friend of mine just wanted to know how to lose weight fast, in about two weeks. Nothing fancy or something that would cost money ( as in work out equipment ) .

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8 Responses to “How does somebody lose weight fast?”

  1. snooze said :

    depends on your body type, age,height, and gender. So it’s differnt for everyone but just start to exercise.

  2. helpme said :

    i recently lost 30 lbs without exercise. all i did was cut out almost all sugar like: candy, soda, kool aid, tea
    sugar free lemonade is pretty good then again im use to it
    and easy on your bread intake but some bread is ok and easy on the processed foods:-)

  3. raindrop710 said :

    if u find out u can let me know too

  4. disney said :

    Excersize a lot. Don’t go on any diets of anytype cause that can get you killed. Just excersize a lot and stay away from the junk food and soft drinks.

  5. shyNsassy said :

    lose it, shoot i want to gain 15 more pounds!!!!

  6. mehriels said :

    crash diets just don’t work. aim for a healthy lifestyle and exercise. you can also use natural products like virgin coconut oil. it promotes weight loss because it has a special kind of fat (medium chain fatty acids) that stimulates metabolism and make you feel full fast. good luck on your diet plan. i wish you the best.

  7. suga_n_spice0090 said :

    go on a crash diet!

  8. blue said :

    If you want to lose weight fast, you really have to eat less sweet things and do not sleep a lot or on time. Always do more exercise on time or everyday.I think so. ^_^


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