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How does losing weight help the hemorrhoids?

Ok I’m really desperate. I asked this question in other sections. I went to all these sites online that say to lose weight if you want relief from hemorrhoids. I get that you need to exercise to help move your bowels but I still don’t understand how losing weight helps the hemmorrhoids? None of these sites explain that. I’m so confused and I already went to the doctor, and I’m just very desperate. Please help.

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4 Responses to “How does losing weight help the hemorrhoids?”

  1. daniel s said :

    less pressure on your butt when you sit down.

  2. 1wiseguy said :

    Losing weight doesn’t relieve hemorrhoids but will make you feel better about yourself !!!!

  3. luvnoasis said :

    that way your bw wont have pressure bcause of weight like being female being pregnant baby puts pressure on etc

  4. peaches6 said :

    I would say if you’re carrying a lot of weight in your abdomen it would put pressure around your rectum. Pregnant women sometimes have problems with hemorrhoids because of the pressure.


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