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How do you sustain the will power to lose weight?

I want to lose some weight but seem to have no will power to keep it up, even though I do have the motivation.
What advice/ tips can you give me for how to keep the will power to get the weight off?


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34 Responses to “How do you sustain the will power to lose weight?”

  1. Cody S said :

    u dont u just have to suffer through the exercise.

  2. Bob S said :

    get a fiber supplement,
    drink lots of water,
    focus on your goal of better looks, health and life expectancy
    Get lots of exercise
    Get proper sleep at night


    Get friends to help you keep from binging
    Reward yourself with nonfood items.
    Get a diabetic diet book. There is no better diet for weight control than that. You can eat whatever you want, JUST NOT AS MUCH OF IT!
    Spice the food you do eat so you can enjoy it more.
    Try to get farm fresh meats, fruits and vegetables, as they do not have the chemical additives that stop the satiation response.
    Get sound advice from a good dietician. They don’t take all that schooling for nothing.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY–> Love yourself as you are. You are the only you that there will ever be.
    Do NOT — let me say again DO NOT — set unrealistic goals or compare yourself to a supermodel or a Barbie doll. Lose the weight you can lose, keep it off as best you can, and love yourself for your efforts, your results and your goals, but more for being you.

    I lost 100 pounds in a year, but I have regained 15 of it. I struggle each day with the desire to forage and eat more than I need. Sometimes I give in, and each time that happens, I suffer for it in the poor health that results from still being 100 pounds overweight. I used to run 5 miles and bike 70-100 at least once a week.

    Another thing you might want to look into is a real possibility. I and several people I know had an obstructive condition known as sleep apnea. That means we stop breathing when we sleep. That killed Reggie White, and it was killing me. THAT was what motivated me to change my diet, and I was given the medications they give people for congestive heart failure. Check your legs. They may be swollen and not just overweight. If you push the skin in and it stays pitted, that may be something called pitting edema, which is a serious condition in itself and amy be a sign of other serious conditions that simple diet and exercise will not alleviate.

    Let me follow up on Drum Dude’s excellent suggestion.
    Buy a can of crisco. Look at the label on your food packages at how many grams of fat per serving, and scoop out that much from the can of crisco. Put it on a plate, and label it as the food the package holds. Place next to it a picture of yourself at a heavier weight, and one of you at your best weight. Put it on your dresser or night stand, or better yet, on the Kitchen table.

  3. drum dude said :

    gross yourself out with ur fat

    lol i dono

  4. Quesadilla Taco Man said :

    If yu have the will power to pick up that snickers and eat it. You have the will power to do anything.

  5. Mr Lucky said :


    get a realistic goal. A picture and look at it everyday?

  6. cougar said :

    Christmas party!! Looking good in that new dress.

  7. Jaime R said :

    Monitor your diet and forget about the exercise, or find some friends to exercise with.

  8. Josh B said :

    Try imagining all the dates you WON’T have becuase you are to fat!

    Nuff Said

  9. That Guy Over There said :

    Keep telling yourself that if you don’t you’ll end up alone for life. BURN THOSE CALORIES!!

  10. Hannah said :

    unless u already do….start smoking, that will help u cos u have the tendacy to not eat as much

  11. ilovebobsaget2 said :

    I was having the same problem, but i noticed that i lost 4 pounds and have kept it off, which has motivated me. Knowing that what you are working towards is starting to pay off is great motivation. When you start to feel unmotivated, try thinking of how happy you would be if you lost some weight. Think of all the cute clothes you will be able to fit in and feel comfortable in.

  12. CJ said :

    Put a picture of a really fat woman infront of you and a really in shape woman infront of you while you work out. Which do you want to look like? Or even put them on the fridge when you go to grab that naughty snack

  13. Nikki said :

    You answered the question yourself hon. You have got to be in the right mind set. Some people succeed at the first attempt, others it takes a couple times. Try to find a friend that would be willing to shape up with you so you have some support. I joined Weight Watchers in April (2nd attempt) and I am down 63 pounds. You have to truly want to do it. I wish you the best!

  14. trueblue1872 said :

    I found following a diet with my partner helpful as we were both very competitive in losing weight at our weekly weigh in.

  15. Mr-K- said :

    Focus on your goal.

  16. jj said :

    sometimes i make bets with my family where we dont eat any junk food and the last one to cave gets all the monaay or whatever is the winning prize

  17. James K said :

    It might help if you had the right diet plan in place so that your will power doesn’t come into it. I.E. if you have a structure in place and the motivation is there then you stand more chance of losing weight.

    check the site out above for some reviews on diet plans and great weight loss tips.

    Good luck

  18. CharlieMarley said :

    take a picture of yourself (in a bathing suit) and then place that picture next to a picture of a model. Place those two pictures somewhere where you’ll constantly see them, and that will push you to keep it up.

  19. Borzakovsky said :

    Everytime i eat i make myself sick, being sick is a nasty thing so if im tempted by food i simply think “if i eat this i need to spend an hour bringing it back up….” and it makes me not want it 🙂

  20. Tabatha K said :

    I don’t diet but I do eat healthy and exercise. I feel so great when I’m eating right and getting lots of exercise and sleep so it’s not hard to force myself. I hate the way I feel when I’m not doing what I should be.

  21. Miz Sara said :

    Some tips:
    1. remember that every step in the right direction deserves credit
    2. set realistic goals (5 lbs in 1 week, 40 lbs in a month are NOT realistic goals)
    3. do workouts that you actually like (or at least like as much as you can) and eat healthy food that you enjoy
    4. treat yourself OCCASIONALLY when you meet goals

  22. I loveeee my baby girl! said :

    listen my theory is If thr is a will thr is a way. i push myself to the extreme. esp knowing if i loose the weight i will look HOT! and i lost 70 in 5 months after having my baby. but now im pregnant again and need to loose all that weight. AGAIN!!! but i will push myself to the limit. gogood luck!

  23. david24fla_2000 said :

    the will power is in that dress or pair of hott pants you wanna put on think of yourself in them and manafest your weight going down to that size every time you work out and if you have a b/f or a husband wouldnt you wanna look sexxxy for him or if your single wouldnt you want all the guys to break there necks to look at your hot bod?

  24. Says: said :

    Okay my friend had a problem somewhere she read that if you stare at yourself in the mirror for an hour analyzing what you don’t want and just thinking on how much you want it off after that go back to your ordinary life.

    When you don’t feel motivated remember those parts of you that you don’t want to be there and you will feel some power within you that will want to put up a fight.

    P.S. She did loose all of what she wanted to loose.

  25. gamesplayer said :

    1. Pin a photo on the fridge to remind you of what you are trying to lose.
    2. Quite simply remove everything from your fridge and cupboard that would tempt you. If it’s not there you cant eat it!
    3. Keep things that are healthy that you can nibble on anytime, like carrot sticks
    4. Get yourself sponsered for charity for each pound/kg you lose.
    5. Keep an online blog.
    6. Buy yourself a new dress that you want to fit into.

  26. Alex b said :

    this may sound harsh but take a photo of yourself. a very very unflatering photo of yourself.

    then the nest time you reach for a cake or want to miss the gym, look at it. (this is not meant to be a joke).

    then once you have lost a bit, take another photo looking better/ more flattering, and the change you will see should spur you on even more.

    also eating protien as a snack instead of sugar/carbs will result in maintaining insulin levels and so wont have you craving more after.

  27. cookiestn said :

    Still looking for it myself, when I find it I’ll let you know. Wish they sold it in a bottle, Don’t u?

  28. Dreamy said :

    just focus on the beautiful things in life and how you will always be as beautiful if you looked good and stayed healthy. think about your health and longevity 🙂

  29. PSOs gal said :

    Its now or never Im 25 yrs old female and Im working out doing Martial arts 3 times a week and if it werent for this Id still be 100 lbs overweight but slowly Im seeing a huge difference in my attitude and weightloss. You just have to do it for yourself. you owe it to yourself to do something like this for yourself. Think of it as a gift if you want it you have to go get it no one is going to take off that weight for you but yourself so I would suggest somekind of workout wether it be on a kickboxing dvd or at a gym or at karate classes. Thats really fun! Dont you want to feel good about your self and get more energy? Thats your early new years resolution is to get a head start on your weight loss. I know you can do it and if can do it then you certainly can! Like many people gyms and other workout places may not be optional due to the high fees and costs of a gym so replace that gym visit with just the neighborhood out side and just walk for an hour a half an hour. Go to a second hand sports place and get some work out equipment or to a sporting goods store and get some free weights and a yoga mat and work out with a friend along with a dvd. Theres alot of great workout dvds that arnt from the 80s now a days that will give you results and make you sweat alot and thats what we want. Just remember to hydrate before and after a workout. Good luck and just enjoy your time working out. Its the best gift you can give your body.

  30. said :


    I’ve a motivation tip for you. Go to and create your weight loss ticker. Then go to

    (or search for Weight loss ticker post) and post your diet program along with your weight loss ticker. Subscribe to the comment RSS and check it out periodically. I’m sure you’ll see a lot of tickers of others who want to lose weight and how well/no so well they are doing.

    I hope with a motivation you’ll have more will power. If you don’t want to be stressed thinking and planning to lose weight then go to . Although it’s a selling site, they are some valuable tips/information in there too.

    Hope you’ll lose the weight you need to.

  31. Adam R said :

    i HAD the same problem i just couldent do it!!! then i thought “well if im going to sleep wiv um…. my….. friend then i have to lose some.” so i go on an extreme diet, basically a very simple one which works really well. eat not too much but about one quarter of your diet less, and do more excersise. whenever the going was tough i thought about my girl. i have slept with her now so im glad i did lose weight!!

  32. Flying Cloud said :

    1) Say to yourself 10 X: NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS
    2) Put a (fat) picture of you on the fridge and another one of you when you where slim (or a picture of your favourite model but not a too skinny one, as this might discourage you)
    3) Don’t deprive yourself too much, be kind to youself

  33. jgsinglemom said :

    I have recently started the Flat Belly Diet. I have found that keeping a diet journal has helped to keep me motivated. I also promised myself a certain piece of clothing that I have wanted if I get to a certain weight.

    I write about my dieting experience in my buzz blog in my sources.

  34. sam A said :

    That it i am 16 nearly 17 and i have been fat for 6 years at least now. I have been dieting barely for the last 8 months expecting the weight to drop, but i am going to work by but off.

    I have been researching a lot on dieting and i have learnt a lot over the last month.

    I am going to doing more exercise start with walking an extra stop on the way home from college. Eat less fatty junk foods like pizza, bread, Chocolate bars etc.

    Thanks a lot you have inspired me.


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