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how do you start up as a slimming world consultant and how much does it cost to start?

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3 Responses to “how do you start up as a slimming world consultant and how much does it cost to start?”

  1. claremont9 said:

    Try going to one of their local meetings, the person who runs it will be able to give you info. Or they have a website. Just type in slimming world and something should come up (sorry for not being more precise). There are details on the web site. I dont know about costs but I believe you have to find your own venue.

  2. thierrysmum said:

    they usually like to get their consultants from women or men who have lost all their weight through slimming world so that when they take the classes they can help members because they know the diet inside out as they followed it successfully.if you are or have been a member then you can ask the consultant for a form to become one.i don’t believe it costs you anything.i know a slimming world consultant she earns very good money and has a company car.

  3. fay c said:

    to be a consultant you have to be a successful member that has reached your target weight with food optimising (slimming world)
    There are different levels of franchise on offer the more you can put in the more money you will make. You pay slimming world a percentage of your class takings and you keep the rest. (less what the tax man takes!)
    If You are a Slimming World member see your consultant or check out a magazine they always have job offers in them.


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