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How do you make a reallly overweight horse loose weight fast?

How do you make a reallly overweight horse loose weight fast? Shes really obese lunging a lot and cutting down on food of course, but what else? ANything?

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8 Responses to “How do you make a reallly overweight horse loose weight fast?”

  1. Kathleen said :

    Don’t do it too quickly, that’s unhealthy. Do it the right way and ask the advice of an equine vet.

  2. sunshinegirl said :

    basically its feed low calorie feed stuffs….and use a bald turn out paddock ….exercise etc….

    dont try to make your horse lose weight mega fast…..just be strict with what you are feeding…dont put oil in his feed (loads of calories)…there is a mix called happy hoof which is good for horses with or prone to laminitis…does not have much calorific value….but dont starve your horse…its not good for him.

  3. Cowboy said :

    cut down feed to minimum dosage and exercise extensively

  4. aunty.shaz said :

    Losing weight too fast is really dangerous so go steady. You say you have cut down the feed – cut it out completely! Use a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement with a handful of low calorie chaff only, soak hay for 12 hours in fresh water to leach out the sugars before you feed it, make sure your horse gets as much turnout as you can either on a bald field / starvation paddock or with a grazing muzzle. The ideal is to bring them every night on unlimited soaked hay as they must keep their guts moving to prevent their metabolism grinding to a halt on a bald paddock.Lots of exercise of course – an active walk burns more calories than any other pace. Good luck xx

  5. sazzy said :

    Doing anything like that quickly will almost definitely cause something like colic, it is something to be taken steadily and progressively.
    You want to gradually increase exercise up to about an hour a day medium work at least.
    Make sure feed is minimal calories. So only give a feed if necessary, a lot of people feed for the sake of feeding which is one of the main factors for obesity in horses, so be conciderate about why you’re feeding. Leave him in at night with soaked hay or put a grazing muzzle on to help cut down the grass he takes in, and soak hay so it has less calorific value.

    Weight loss in horses is a slow process, my loan has been on a diet with me since about christmas, and only recently have I actually noticed the weight loss.

  6. Lora said :

    I had a huge fat pony, what I did was walked her alot, up and down hills it gets muscle working and if it swets thats very good there alot of fat to that swet through, nd dont lunge to oftten that can hurt her because its not like a warm up more like get up and go,if u do stretch her legs and change directions alot or it can pull tendons, and since its summer, just put her out in pasture and forget grain, my horse is not on grain unless I am showing alot, jumpung, or its winter! hope i helped

  7. Cowgirlup said :

    Well thats good that you cut back on her food. Then it depends what kind of feed you have for her. Does it have alot of fat in it? Even if you cut back that fat percentage could still effect it. Also i would ride her but not hard. Just get on and walk her around do some obstacles to kind of make her work. But of course you dont want to over do it. She will slowly start losing weight. Its not just going to happen just like that. Also you could just completely cut her off from feed but as long as she still has grass and gets a little hay or alteast grass. That would be a good way to. Hope this helps.

  8. The Wild Man said :

    Try the little Jack workout you will lose weight fast


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