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How do you lose weight using weights?

I really want to lose weight on my legs. I heard this guy lost weight using weights only. Not sure if that’s true though. What weights and how many reps should I do so I LOSE weight.

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5 Responses to “How do you lose weight using weights?”

  1. Health Guy said :

    If you want to lose weight, you need to two things: eat less and exercise more. Weight gain happens when you create a calorie surplus (eat more than you burn). Your body takes the excess calories and converts them to fat which get stored around your stomach, arms and thighs. The longer you remain in a calorie surplus, the more weight you’ll gain. To lose that weight, you need to do the opposite. You need to create a calorie deficit (start eating less than you burn).

    Your first step is to figure out how many calories you burn on a daily basis. Use a calorie calculator – The number you get from this tool is what your body burns on a daily basis. To lose weight, simply eat less. It sounds a lot easier than it is but making small changes helps you adjust to a new lifestyle. Don’t think of this as a diet, think of it as a new life. Instead of eating foods high in sugars, white flour and saturated fat, go with fruits, vegetables, whole wheats, fish, lean meats, nuts and beans. In addition to eating less, you also need to exercise more. Start off at 1-2 times per week and work your way up to 3-5 times per week.

    Don’t make all of these changes at once or you won’t be able to properly adjust to them. Generally, eating healthier foods will decrease your calorie intake. Compare a doughnut to an apple and you’ll see that healthy foods are lower in calories. You can find some more information at the Beginner’s Guide to Dieting –

  2. energized said :

    Ok, so you can’t be looking at the scale, because when you gain muscle your weight will increase. Muscle takes up less space than fat, so you can still decrease in size.
    It takes more calories to maintain a pound of lean muscle than a pound of fat (something like 70/day vs. 3/day) so by adding muscle you are essentially decreasing the available calories to be stored as fat (unless you start eating more).
    So, you do want to build muscle. They key is to tone instead of bulk up. Toning will help get rid of intramuscular fat and help keep you lean while strengthening the muscle. Do more reps with lighter weights. Try looking up quad and hamstring moves online for a routine. OR you could start doing spin classes. They will tone the heck out of your legs, build your muscles AND let you burn off a massive amout of calories in the process.

  3. bighaus said :

    It is possible but its about how he used the weights. You will have to make your weightlifting program a cardio program as well. Basically you will want to find several exercises you want to do and then hit them all hard. You need to go for like 10 to 12 reps with each lift. Just dont stop between exercises. You need to keep your heart pumping. So push yourself in one lift and move straight to the next and push yourself just as hard there for those reps and move right to the next.

  4. skahoj said :

    Healthy Guy has a lot of great suggestion. I would just say make sure you do at least some cardio as well as weights, and lift as heavy (with correct form!) as you can manage. You should feel fatigued after you lift, like you can’t do one more rep. Here’s a good article I found about it, it also helps you choose how heavy to go:

  5. Mr Fitness said :

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