How Do You Lose Weight Really Quickly?

I need to drop a lot of weight before summer, Its February now. How do I lose weight fast without hurting my body or without having to break down and eat something? I’ve been on diets but they never seem to work no matter how long I can last and how committed I am. Please help!

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11 Responses to “How Do You Lose Weight Really Quickly?”

  1. Munya Carr said:

    No flour, no sugar.

    And I mean NO flour..not even “whole wheat” stuff.
    Nothing with sugar or corn syrup in it.

    Drink lots of water and work out 3-4 times a week…1/2 hour of aerobic exercise (even walking in place will work) and 1/2 hour of weight training…the pounds will MELT off of you!

  2. lil sammy said:

    Eat what you usually do, but in smaller portions. Then, run ’till you drop 5 days every week. The key to losing fat is cardio. If it’s difficult to stick to a diet, than exercise has to become your thing. Just make sure you’re including fruits and veggies and drink pleanty of water.
    The soreness until you get used to it is motivation in that you know you’re pushing your body, and soon enough you’ll see results.
    Good luck with whatever you do!

  3. chicky said:

    how i lost weight quickly was just eating dinner everyday (no lunch)..and mabey a lil snack..but thats it..and just water to drink..thats really the only way is to starve yourself a lil bit..but youll get used to it..and youll feel great and look great 🙂

  4. Raed K said:

    stop eating too much junk and exersize daily for at least 45 minutes

  5. Simon said:


    All the best!



  6. abhi_tidd4u said:

    start it now n keep runnig untill u loose ur weight

  7. godsteengirl106 said:

    all u have to do is eat salad. eat nothing but salad. no salad dressing. exercise for 3 hours everyday and ur pounds will melt off.

    no i am just joking do this.

    If you want to lose weight and keep it off try eliminating sugar, beef and fried foods from your diet. Eat only poultry or fish that is baked or grilled in small portions. Eat a balanced diet that includes only complex carbs such as whole grains and brown rice. Eat green vegetables and fruits 5 times per day. Exercise regularly including 3 days of 30 minute cardiovascular exercise and 3 days of strength and flexibility training per week. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.

    Breakfast – sandwich – 2 slices of light bread (I like a light italian you can find everywhere), a little light mayo, egg made from egg beaters, and some lettuce.

    3. 2 meals – each with 2 slices of light bread and some healthy choice TV dinners or similar. These aren the TV divvers we got as kids – these taste good. Don’t butter the bread, etc. – just salt and pepper the food as desired. I usually soak up the gravy, etc. with the bread.

    4. Snacks – you an have another egg sandwich like above. The rest start with a light ranch dressing – compare bottles – some entire bottles have on 750 calories for the bottle, so unless you plan to dring it, it won’t add many calories to you diet. Have this with as much celery as you want (I dip the celery into the dressing because I don’t like the taste of celery), or pick up some pre-made salads making sure to compare calories and have 1 or 2 salads a day, or have as much iceberg lettuse as you want.

    5- Drinks – all the water, diet soda, diet cool aid, or Crystal Light you want. Make sure to drink a lot of fluids – normally a lot of your water comes from the food you eat, so you need another source since you aren’t eating as much.

    6- track – pick the same time every day to weigh yourself. I usually do it just before getting into the shower each morning (which is when I am the lightest). Your weight naturally varies a lot throughout the day, so checking at the same time each day is important to be able to track it correctly.

    also try to exercise everyday. good luck

    i am doing this now i am trying to lose 20 pounds before summer too. good luck.

  8. Martin M said:

    exercise hard. get that heart rate up every day.
    eat more often smaller amounts. get that metabolism kicked in.
    cut out all trans fats, lower sat fats
    limit sugar and starch
    REV makes a good supplement for dieting
    And stay away from stress!!!!!! this is the big one that’s not so easy. it not only increases belly fat, but also keeps you from your dieting and exercise

  9. asiabunny said:

    Everything everyone else has said…and stop eating rice.
    Stop eating rice and carbohydrates and when you cook, use less oil, butter, margerine, etc. Replace you oil with vegetable shortening…
    Surviving on dinner isnt possible, so dont have dinner but lunch and breakfast(if you have time).
    For lunch eat light – pasta, vegetables etc.
    Breakfast eat quite some – sausage, eggs, bread etc.

  10. KEVIN P said:

    best way it to have fruit and or cerial (red top milk) ,for breakfast, and salad or veg for dinner and tea
    with the veg eat healthy things with it like fish or plain chicken
    and with the salad tuna is nice , boil eggs , pasta that kind of thing,
    a handy thing to do is portion loads of fruit salads in food bags in the fridge it will only take you half an hour to prepare and if you do loads it will last about 3-4 days when you feel nibbley just have a portion, and drink loads and loads of water especialy at meal times fruit juice in the morning,
    go power walking it doesent make you dead tied but its realy good for you, walk as fast as you can in the last 15 mins and thats when the most fat burns
    good luck

  11. Meg D said:

    No carbs. Have you tried to lose weight before? Some people can’t lose weight no matter what. That could be the result of hypothyriodism. Inflammation of the thyroid or a deficiency in iodine causes the condition called hypothyroidism. The thyroid hormones become under secreted or are not secreted at all with hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism symptoms include fatigue, slowed heart and respiratory rate, cold intolerance, and weight gain. If you notice those, you should consult a doctor. A simple blood work will do.


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