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How do you lose weight quickly yet smart if you are not good at it?

I do not know where to look for nutritional info and have a tight budget

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6 Responses to “How do you lose weight quickly yet smart if you are not good at it?”

  1. orchid2800 said :

    By Detoxing and Rejuvenating your Mind, Body and Spirit,

    1. You allow yourself to heal from any toxins that have been held inside your body,
    2. You allow your Mind to release any harsh feelings or Sad emotions,
    3. You allow your Spirit to become open and free. Once you ahve Detoxified and Rejuvenated your Mind Body and Spirit,
    4. You can finally Allow yourself to enjoy real Homeostasis.

    (Homeostasis: Optimal Well being, Optimal Health, At a point in your life when all is ok, and righht with you Physically, Mentally, Emotionall, and Spiritually.)

    Stress can make any disorder worse. May it be Mental Emotional or physical. Stress is when you worry way too much about things that can be fix with a little effort on your own personal part.
    Stress has been proven to cause serious health risks, such as heart disease, Endurance Problems, Fatigue, Emotional Imbalances, etc.
    There are options to dealing stress and weight loss. Such as Detox plans and rejuvenation Plans, as the one I have enclosed.

    I definitely stress that you consult your physician, about anything new or changes in your daily regimine. As this plan will affect other areas of your Daily living and Medications.

    Please feel free to Copy and Print this to your own Blank Text and save it and print it out when you go to your DR again.

    One month detox and rejuvenation plan

    STEP ONE: Detox: (week one)

    a), Drink lots of water

    b) lay off the sodas, beer, tea, coffee, etc

    c) Basically go on a water fast(drink water only and no food), for 7days consecutively.

    d)for even more detoxifying effects, maybe sit in a Sauna for about 20-30 minutes, twice during your 7day detox(once when during day two and once during day four), allowing your pores to open up and allow the toxins to come out.

    STEP TWO: Rejuvenate (Goes hand in hand with step one, done during the entire month and future days) (If you are under the age of 18 with a proper ID, You have to be accompanied by a parent to any Spa or Massage Clinic.)

    a) Go to a spa, and enjoy a nice warm Mud Bath or a Bodywrap, Then a two hour Massage, starting with ROM Assessment/Joint therapy, to relieve any joint stress or tension,

    b) Then a Little Myofascial Stretching to give the skin and muscle a nice warming stretch,

    c) Then a slightly Vigorus Swedish to relax the muscles,

    d) Then a Little acupressure to relieve any trigger points,

    e) Then ending a soft Swedish to really relax those muscles.

    f) Then maybe get a nice salt scrub to really open your pores, and soften the skin.

    g) Then take a nice warm shower, rinse away any toxin that may have come to the surface, and excess oils from the salt scrub.

    h) Then rinse with cold water to tighten the pores and waken the bodys energies and chakras.

    i) Find a reiki practioner and get a session to help restart your chakras as you may have a few that need a boost.

    STEP THREE: Exercise, (can be done during step one and two, and is incorporated into our lives forever til we die)

    Try a Tai chi Class, Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, or Jazzercise, Maybe take up swimming, or Ballrom Dancing.

    STEP FOUR: Eat Proper ( this starts during week two and continues into our everyday lives) (with fewer/healthier meals/snacks for thinner people), and (Smaller portions But more often/healthier meals/snacks with heavier people)

    STEP FIVE:Plan yourself a Healthy But tasty diet plan including and starting with: (this is just a recommended plan Not set in stone if you know what I mean.)

    Minimum of 8oz glass of water at room temp each morning,
    Followed by a 8oz glass of Freshly juiced Organic Fruit juice, 3 Apples, 2 slices of pineapple, 1 pear, and four carrots, this will give your body a Natural energetic boost.
    Then followed by a warm bowl of Whole oat cereal.
    No refined sugars, If you need sweet use honey, or maple syrup.

    SNACKS include:
    light leafy salads, Natural Nuts, Organic anything.


    eat a Nice veggie salad with vinegar and Oil dressing, Not Italian or any thing with dairy. Follow it with a warm Turkey or Chicken breast sandwich (skinless, and as little fat as possible if any all. Try to avoid any heavy meats Like beef or pork during the early moring or lunch times. Follow the sandwich with some watermelon or strawberries, or some kind of fresh fruit salad if you are a still hungry or just want a nice desert. Watermelon or any type of Melon will help to fill you up faster.
    Drink water at a couple of degrees cooler than room tempurature.

    start with a nice small Garden salad with tomatoes, leafy lettuce, radishes, carrot slivers, Almonds, Sunflower seed Kernals, and Spinach, again with a vinegarette, instead of salad dressing. Followed by Either a baked or broiled Poultry or Fish Dinner fresh of course, no frozen crap. No Fried, Minimal If you want Butter try to get Organic or some sort of spread that has low carb and transfat count., Or just stay away from Butter all together, But use lemon at your own choosing, fresh pepper(s), No salt, fresh Green beans , Organic Whole wheat bread, Whole grain Pastas if you prefer. Organic Rice.

    Anything and everything Organic

    Stay away from Refined sugars(candy, or anything non organic

    If anything at all try to eat as organic as you can possibly eat. IF you read a lables Ingrediants list, and you can’t pronounce the words then it is toxic for your Body, and Mind, and Spirit

  2. forever said :

    lose weight quickly as a tight budget has only a way that is U have to exercise by yourself at home. U must be stick to habit. Reduce your meal and drink a lot of water

  3. sparkly-diva-in-maryland said :

    I lost weight by cutting out all junk food (pizza, sweets & soda) and walking 2 miles a day in my neighborhood. Within about 5 month, I had lost 30 pounds. Now, I maintain by going to the gym 4 times a week.

    If you have a tight budget, then cutting out sweets and incorporating fruits and veggies will be a lot less expensive than buying fast food everyday.


  4. cinnycinda said :

    Have you tried a lowcarb diet? Check out It’s a great site with all kinds of info on low carb diets. Theere’s lots o people there to give you support and advice. I’ve lost 13 pounds in two weeks but you have to really stick to the diet.

  5. De S said :

    I have had great results with an all natural product called Isagenix.

    I can help you get your product for little to no cost.

    This product is only available by distributor.

    If you would like more information please email me at [email protected]

  6. folladj said :

    Ive found that weight loss is as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical one. It takes a serious commitment.

    Best way to keep the weight off is also the healthiest way: a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

    Fruits and veggies are the best things you can put in your body. They are packed with nutrients, and if you dont buy them packaged they can be pretty cheap. Great as snacks!
    Keep yourself hydrated. Water does so many things for you! Avoid sodas. If youre gonna buy fruit juice, at least make sure its 100% juice.
    I recently started drinking Green Tea. It has great benefits if you can get used to the taste.
    Protein is necessary to build muscle and when added to a meal it keeps you full for longer periods of time. I eat eggs, peanuts, chicken, and drink milk to get protein.
    Carbs give you energy. Wheat/whole grain breads are much better for you than white.
    If you dont buy junk food (chips, candy, soda, fast food, etc), it will free up a lot of your budget and you can get nutritious things!

    Eat throughout the day, every 3-4 hours is ideal. Revs up your metabolism, keeps you energised, and keeps your blood sugar levels from crashing.

    Adding exercise will really melt the pounds. Cardio to get the blood pumping and make the heart stronger (and melt the fat), and strength training to build muscle (which helps melt the fat). For cardio, walk, swim, jog, thing to do would be try a lot of things and find the one you like best. Itll be easier to make a commitment to something you like.
    Strength training, the most important thing is to rest in between sessions. Your muscles tear when you do these exercises and then rebuild even stronger. Give them time to rebuild. 1-2 times a week is the recommendation ive seen the most.


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