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How do you lose weight fast and easy?

I am 14 and this summer I want to lose weight before school starts back. Does anyone know how to lose weight fast and easy?

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3 Responses to “How do you lose weight fast and easy?”

  1. Shiv said :

    tell me how you end p handling this plz… email me


  2. Miki S said :

    No such thing as losing weight fast and easy. Diet and exercise. Cut out the junk food, breads and sugars and work out and it will go away.

  3. kay said :

    Fast, yes! Easy, No! Have you ever heard of an easy way to lose weight that was healthy? there are a lot of easy ways to lose weight but i dont know of any that are even close to being healthy. i was 205 pounds about two years ago. it took me over a year to lose 25 lbs. but took me only 4 months to lose rest of the 45 lbs. i was getting married so had to do it fast but still did not want to do anything unhealthy because i DO want kids in the future and healthy ones at that. I joined a diet program in canada. its been a year since i’ve been married and have been eating completely normal foods, have no time to exercise but only put on 5lbs. since then due to my own negligence. a similar program is also available in new york. you can visit to get more info. so many of my family and friends are doing this diet and losing weight left and right. if you live in ny, nj area maybe its something of your use.


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