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How do you lose stomach fat fast?

I am trying to loose my tummy pooch. Any ideas of how to get rid of it using exercises? Feel free to post youtube video and stuff.

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5 Responses to “How do you lose stomach fat fast?”

  1. odysseyeclispe said :

    Targeted weight loss is a myth. There are exercises meant to tone your core, but you can’t get rid of all your fat with exercise alone. A good diet is meant to work in conjunction with a healthy exercise routine. Also remember that crap food is crap food no matter how much you take in. 1200 calories of cheeseburgers and candy will not serve your body as well as 1200 calories of lean meat and healthy carbs. Find a meal plan that works for you, calorie counting works to start, but if you want an amazing body you eventually have to move to a better eating plan.

    That said, most true weightlifting will strengthen your core along with the rest of your body. My absolute favorite core focused exercise is an incline sit-up. I do recommend a full-body structured weight-lifting program to lose fat, boost metabolism, and build a strong body.

    Good Luck!

  2. Sarah said :

    Everyday do 20 curl ups. If you can…increase this number. Also NO SNACKS inbetween meals!!!!!!

  3. NessaLyn said :

    The best way EVER: RUN and JOG!….give it 2 3 WILL see a difference. But then again u have to be consistant and watch your eating habbits..drink alot of water. All those ab work outs are good too…you will defineately have wonderful abs..but sadly they will be hiding BEHIND the stomach fat. so dont waist too much time with those.


  4. Sam said :

    working out muscle, and building muscles burn fat. Cardio will also help burn calories and combine that with the extra muscle mass that will burn calories = weigth loss. Losing fat can be difficult. To get that 6 ab lines and tone you’d need to be around 10% body fat or at least less than 15% depending on your build and height. Don’t go JUST doing ab exercises or JUST running. Do many things combines and add an ab routine to your workouts. That and a good diet = flat belly.

  5. meseret said :

    I wont loss my stomach fat by video


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