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How do you lose fat in your inner thighs?

I am very toned,muscular and skinny but I can never work my inner thighs right near the top of my legs well enough to get rid of extra fat and get them toned? I know a lot of teenagers go through this and I am also asking on behalf of them…. Any hints, tricks or excersizes?
I am 115 pounds and I am muscual and have very strong legs… i am an athlete… I think I started getting it when I started peuberty. I don’t want to lose weight anywhere else or I’ll be weak during my training sessions and I know that I have a lot of muscle underneath the fat. I’m probably being silly because I’m only fourteen but I want to stay in top shape. I won’t go to body wraps or go on gruelling starvation diets because I will probably pass out. Let me know if you have any more ideas thanks for your support.


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14 Responses to “How do you lose fat in your inner thighs?”

  1. Xae said :

    sex girl!

    get busy!

  2. TheOracleAtDelphi said :

    you can’t be toned if you still have fat inner thighs. that’s an oxymoron.

  3. BeautifulTragedy said :

    Cardio workouts are what works for me.

  4. Rix T said :

    See answer one….

  5. Davis T said :

    The only way to get rid of fat on your thighs is to run. When you run, you burn a crap load of calories on your legs, so start running! It’s also good for your calorie-clogged heart!

  6. Esme said :

    squats it works for that and the booty as well

  7. Mommyk232 said :

    Inside leg lifts work good- I’ll try to explain.
    Lay on your side like you are going to do a regular leg lift. Tak the top leg and place your foot in front of you. Now do the leg lift with the lower leg.

    Hope that makes sense.

  8. John said :

    try walking instead of riding that little rascal

  9. ashkazz1 said :

    unfortunately, you can’t lose fat from one particular spot….you lose fat all over. however, some places on your body are more prone to storing more than their share of fat, because there are mor fat cells there. that is why it seems to be easier to gain weight after getting off a diet because rthe fat occupying the cells are gone, but the cells are still there. when you gain weight, your body makes more fat cell, but you can never get rid of fat cells (unless you do lipo). now, if you have a problem are, the only thing you can do is diet and exercise, adn to tone the area in question through weights! but, you say that you are skinny….so there really is no problem as far as i am concerned. that is just where you store fat…if you lose that fat there, than you would also have lost elsewhere, and you would look terrible. oh, and by the way….not to be creepy or anything, but 90 percent of women have that fat at the top of their inner thigh, especially if they are overweight, or their layer of fat is sitting on top of their muscle, which seems like your case because you say that you are muscular. remember, when you are muscular, your muscles are solid, and your fat just sits right on top of it, making you think you have more fat than you do.

  10. scamrhoop said :

    when you find out let me know….i think you have to do like leg raises or something…you know what, don’t tell me, my man likes to grab that!!!!!!!!

  11. StoneFox said :

    The best way to lose excess fat around your inner thighs would be to run around a track. That is the best most successful way to shed excess fat on any part of your body because your whole body is involved in the exercise not just one part! Since your legs will be doing most of the work your thighs will really get a good workout! Be confident, I bet you’re really pretty!

  12. Misha M said :

    i know this sounds weird,but put a pillow between your knees and sweez for 2 secs then relise 10 x it works

  13. gomit c said :

    you can loose your fat by jogging everyday…………you will be slim in a month…………..but you have to jog everyday for 1 hour daily

  14. scorpygirl said :

    Girl Misha M is right, I do that and it works the more you do the faster you will see the results. like she said is sound weir but it works.


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