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How do you lose fat in your arms?

I don’t want to gain muscles or anything, I just want to lose the fat in my arms.

Thanks. 😀

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15 Responses to “How do you lose fat in your arms?”

  1. Skota_7 said :

    gonna have to convert the fat into muscle cause it wont just go away..

  2. Lauren said :

    by working out… trust me you won’t get muscles….. just because you’re a girl doesnt mean you’re automatically going to get muscles faster than guys because you don’t want it…..

  3. cooldude said :

    Use HIIT(look it up) to lose fat then tune up.

  4. Melanie S said :

    Do some hand excercise to tone it down and bring it to shape

  5. Shadya said :

    push ups, carrying stuff, idk anything that involves your arms. u will get a little muscle but you wont be macho lol

  6. Nisa said :

    Cardiovascular activities burn fat in all places and get you toned. (Running, Jump Rope, anything that gets your heart rate up).

    Do this for at least an hour each day, 6 days a week.

  7. Bethany N said :

    take light waights like 3 lbs
    and bend your elbow and make a motion as if you were punching up

  8. Tila Tapas said :

    Yeah, you can’t lose weight without gaining muscle, unless you went on a really strict diet or something, but the healthy way involves both diet and exercise.

    It sucks, but you should try pushups, even wall pushups — go for 20 and work your way up. Look up different positions for the wall pushups; either discover them or look them up.

    They sound easy, but they’re pretty difficult when you go for a few reps!

  9. zembot said :

    I heard you can’t spot-treat any part. You’re gonna have to do plain exercise and eat right, eventually your body will even out, including your arms.

    Try some cardio.

  10. iamjfk said :

    Most fat is located in the under upper arms, or your triceps. Working those muscles, along with your biceps should help get rid of it.

    Note: Being a female, if you’re concerned about buffing your arms up too much, then try lighter weights with more reps.

  11. cher85 said :

    u need to use dumb bells work on it by strengthening i have a freind doing it same problem the arms and its helping she says .. it helps to burn it off when she goes on the tredmillafter a few weeks its been working…..also try on msn the fitness section if u ask thier they usually give u good tips…..

  12. Mara M said :

    The first guy is dumb, you cant convert fat into muscle. Muscle can turn into fat but not vise versa. Listen m sorry to break it to you but there is NO way possible to spot loose weight (other than liposuction). To loose fat you have to excercise your entire body and the fat will come off where it wants to come off, you dont get to choose unfortunately. try a lot of cardio…. do aerobic & anaerobic exercises, tone your arms with resistance bands, that way it wont look bulky like a guy, but itll look long and lean like a girls arms are supposed to… best of luck…

  13. bye.bye.train said :

    well, sorry hun, but to lose fat on arms and legs, your going to have to do some work, pushups is what i mean. you can pay allll you want for weights and equiptment but remember, before you do gain muscle, you gotta lose the fat first. start at a number of pushups one one higher that you think you can do, and do it every night. remember, you get what you give, the more work you put into it, the more it will work for you!

  14. Wild Bill said :

    The only way to burn off fat is to use the muscles that the fat cells surround to tone the muscles. Just start by doing pushups. They will help the flabby fat around your triceps tone up without giving you enormous muscles.

    Start by doing 3 sets of 5 pushups with a minute of rest between each set. Do this once in the morning and once at night about an hour before bed. As long as you do this daily, you should see the flabby fat around the triceps turn into toned muscle which takes up less space in your arms.

    Give it about three weeks then increase your pushup reps to 2 reps of 10 pushups to burn off the remaining excess fat. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself the more you do the exercise because you’ll have noticeable results that won’t cost you a thing, and anything is better than paying for a gym membership that you won’t use.

    Good Luck!! 8D

  15. LeAngela H said :

    you really have to do arm rotations according to the army they really work


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