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How do you lose a fat belly and lovehandles?

Other than cruches and sit-ups I want to know what exercises I can do to lose excess weight. I’m not talking a massive amount just a couple pounds. I play a lot of sports so it seems weird for me to be fat when I exercise so much, but my belly is getting fatter and so are my love handles so I want to do something about it. Can anyone help me do this?

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7 Responses to “How do you lose a fat belly and lovehandles?”

  1. craptastic2222 said :

    If you exercise a lot, and you’re gaining fat, its because you’re consuming waaay too many calories, so cut down on your food intake (meaning go on a diet for a while). If you don’t think your food intake is a lot (meaning more than about 2000 calories), then you could have a problem like diabetes that is making you gain weight, and you should get checked out by your doctor.

  2. ME =] said :

    Running =]
    trust me!

  3. New Life Style Today said :

    Well I don’t exercise at all but I have reduced my love handles … I recently implemented a anti-oxidant juice, a healthy energy drink, and a simple and great weight loss plan into my life that has been extremely successful and has improved my health 100 times over. I have lost 2″ in my waist line and I have also lost 20 pounds and all of this has been in only the last 26 days. I did not diet, eat special foods, skip meals, or even exercise. I continued to eat “normal foods” … Pastor James ~ Tx

  4. suddenlymommy said :

    tummy tuck

  5. werzrosn said :

    i think thet this site is wery helpfull

  6. gree c said :

    Tummy fat is not good for the body as it increases the chances of many diseases like diabetes, heart attack etc. A whole body workout is required to lose weight from your tummy, spot reduction is a myth, you cannot lose fat by doing stomach crunches or ab workouts only. A complete workout, which includes cardiovascular exercises, helps improve metabolism and you will be able to lose tummy fat quickly. Try to lose weight naturally by doing hard work and controlling your diet.

  7. Dr .Varun said :

    Give me a party if this solution works.Believe me. Ihave used it for my patients

    You have to ascend and descend 3 floors of ur building 6-8 times in a single go till u feeel tired and sweat a lot . But remember u have to run on steps not walk. do it regular for 7 days and have whatever but moderate food … But be regular wid exercise. u may reduce upto 10 Ibs a week.

    Do reply


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