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how do you loose like five kilos in two weeks?

I really want to loose some weight for my boyfreind (which i havent seen in two months) who i’ll see in two weeks- finalllllllly!!! so could anyone plz give me some tips or something of how to loose some weight quickly? thanks =)

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4 Responses to “how do you loose like five kilos in two weeks?”

  1. King Leonidas said :

    Lose 2.5kg a week….:D

    Cut out any junk food + drink lots of water.

    Add more excercise if you have time.

  2. ryebread fantastic said :

    stop eating, just take vitamins and drink fruit juice.

    it’s really unhealthy to do that tho, and you’ll prolly gain back all of the weight later.

  3. John de Witt said :

    It’s quite impossible to lose that much fat in two weeks, so you’ll have to lose something you shouldn’t in order to reach your goal. You can, of course, diet and exercise, perhaps burning off a couple of kilos’ fat per week, but the rest would require either significant dehydration or amputation of some body part you don’t particularly need.

  4. tarly said :

    Eat sensibly, you need to consider what you are eating and drinking. Do not skip breakfast. Start drinking more water, less coffee, tea if you add sugar, milk etc, less fruit juice and so on. However do not go over board on the water as excessive amounts can be harmful. Do not cut out your favourite treats completely as this will create temptation. Learn about low GI foods as these make you feel full for longer. Cut out processed, salty, or sugary food where possible. Move as much as possible, if catching public transport where possible hop off one stop earlier for the extra exercise. Use the stairs not the lift or escalator where possible. Dance, box, swim or do any type of exercise that you can. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, but it takes less space so as you build muscle the weight might not change much but your shape should improve.


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