How do you know when your losing weight?

This is a stupid question but how do you know when your seeing a difference with losing weight? I heard it starts with the face and works its way down, I mean really is that how it goes?

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5 Responses to “How do you know when your losing weight?”

  1. Brett McDick said:

    when your breasts start shrinking.

  2. :D said:

    u could use a scale?
    also, you could take measurements (waist, hips, forearm, etc) every week
    if ur doing rly good might notice ur arms, thighs, stomach, etc getting thinner/smaller

  3. Happy Birthday D said:

    You may not lose pounds right away but your clothes will start to fit better or fall off. It depends if you are working out or not.

  4. Andie R said:

    well you will notice some of the belly fat start to diminish and the numbers on the scale will get lower.

  5. studly said:

    Yeah it does start with the face and go down but the lower it goes it gets harder because more fat like hips, butt, stomach.


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