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How do you know the best form of weight loss for yourself versus others?

I am 31 years old. I have two kids and have gained excessive weight after both of them. I had a cessarian with the first and natural with the second. I’m pear shaped so it’s mostly in my hips and buttocks. I have a desk job so I sit a lot and I’m always too tired feeling to work out at night. I’ve been on every diet under the sun to only gain it all back. I’ve tried numerous excersises also. Over the counter weight loss pills or energy pills give me a racing heart. When I do loose weight I get the saggy belly that hangs between the legs when I sit and bend so how would I be able to find out how would be the best way to loose weight effectivly for myself and my body type and keep the sagging away. Please help.

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5 Responses to “How do you know the best form of weight loss for yourself versus others?”

  1. Pel's MeL said:

    the best way to lose weight. i think.

    Eat less but more often. and you have to do some exercise. so if you burn more calories then you eat you start losing.

    Plus this way, you lose slower so it gives your skin does not sag. when you lose weight too quickly you skin will sag.

    good luck!

  2. metallichick31 said:

    You have to keep it healthy and still under 1500 calories per day.
    Working out is the only thing that will help with saggy!!! Walking briskly 3 times per week for 30 minutes or more. 2-3 times per week light weights. You don’t have to go crazy…the calorie deficit is going to make you lose pounds, the weights will tone it all back to where it used to be!
    Take care ;-D

  3. cactusjoe said:

    If you have sagging skin you lost your weight to fast.This needs to be a slow process of about 6 months.Count you fat grams is the best and healthiest way.Keep you fat grams under 30 g a day.That’s total fat you consume a day. Keep a chart from day to day so you can keep up with it.Make you a chart on the foods you will be eating most the time so you can keep up with it better.Read the contents labels on all your food to keep up with fats and calories.Stay under 2200 calories a day.Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and cut the sodas and white breads,starchy foods and most meats and sweets.Eat skinless turkey and chicken breast and baked fish.Do not eat anything fried.Try to do some exercise to tighten the areas that tend to be flabby.Leave the pills alone.Make yourself exercises,don’t us that BS for an excuse.Your tired because your in bad shape,do something now or suffer later.

  4. Tiberius said:

    ok, first….stay away from the ‘diet pills’ — they are ALL CRAP, EVERY ONE OF THEM.
    they all say, ‘use with ANY sensible diet and exercise program’…and the reason for this is that it is the sensible diet and exercise programs that are responsible for the weight loss, not the stupid pills.

    as for sensible diet part — and i’m not being funny here (it’s what works) stop eating so much. most of us have 2 double whoppers with cheese, or super size our meals etc. Just stop eating as much — 2 hot dogs instead of four, 1 whopper instead of 2, reduce calories gradually but noticeable. After a week or so, start throwing in the baked potato or salad instead of fries etc.
    Just start eating less and less, then start eating healthier. Find good healthy things you can eat a lot of. And don’t worry about the ‘fat pig’ comments or looks — don’t do it because of that, do it for your other reasons — your life — you’re only 31 and have to live long and healthy to take care of your kids.

    Work in the exercise program in whatever form you can — walk more (stairs instead of elevators, park a little further away and work), take walks with kids, pets, start doing floor exercises, plays sports with kids etc. You don’t have to join a gym or do 5 hrs of fitness a day — just more than you are now.

    GOOD LUCK — eat less, eat healthy, start exercising, and exercise more.

  5. brad said:

    You really need to look at your strengths and weaknesses. If you are very motivated but not so anal you are better off going with a heave workout routine instead of the calorie counting route.

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