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How do you know if you are gaining muscle and not just fat?

Ok i have started going to the gym and taking protein + carbs to bulk however i am unsure if it is mainly muscle i am gaining or fat. Is there anyway to check which it is at home?

Also i have noticed that more veins are appearing in my arms and was wondering if this means that i am gaining muscle.
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8 Responses to “How do you know if you are gaining muscle and not just fat?”

  1. cobblertus said :

    check if you are stronger thats a good first sign dumb ass

  2. Heather T said :

    flex your muscles. Do you see tone or just blah? Tone means muscle. Does it feel hard or squishy? Hard is muscle.

  3. Bleak said :

    Compare your body fat increase to your weight increase. If the body fat increase is too much you’re probably eating a little high over maintenance. Lower your calories until you notice a steady weight gain with minimal body fat.

    I’ve become used to just using the visibility of my abs as an indication.

    For me:
    Rough outline of upper abs – 16% fat
    Upper abs – 14%
    4 pack – 12%
    4 pack v-taper- 10%
    6 pack – 8%
    8 pack – 6%

    Increased vascularity doesn’t necessarily mean bigger muscles, but it’s a sign you’re working hard and getting a good pump – so if you’re eating right you should be growing!

    Edit: Haha. First poster is a smart guy >.> /sarcasm. There is a clear connection between strength and size, does this mean strength is a good way to compare lean mass increase to body fat increase? No.

    So you called the OP a ‘dumb ass’ while providing an irrelevant post and failing to achieve a basic level of grammar. Irony.

  4. JD said :
  5. Gregory said :

    Pinch test if you can pinch more skin between your fingers at any point
    on your body than you could before then its likely you gained some fat less meet between your fingers and weight gain = muscle

  6. mrdreadlocks28 said :

    Feel them when you flex. If its solid and hard, its muscle. Fat obviously jiggles.

    If the veins are appearing, the arms are getting lean and shredding some of the fat i guess. But you cannot gain muscle without gaining at least a little bit of fat!

  7. ok said :

    First, if you see gains in strength and gains on the scales (1 to 1.5 lbs per week body weight) with no gain in your waistline then that is a good indicator that you are seeing muscle gain with little to no fat gain. There is a lot to this than just lifting, eating more protein and carbs.

    Try to buy a body fat caliper. There are some on amazon for around 20 to 25 dollars that are recommended and take measurements. This helps a lot if you want to really track. Otherwise, use the scale, body measurments and ab definition as indicators.

    You want to see calf, thigh, chest, upper arm, forearm, neck circumfrence increases with little to no increase in waist size. If you have a six pack, work to keep it, but dont be afraid to let it go away to just a 4 pack, or maybe even a 2 pack.

    Some people will bulk to a pot belly (if lifting well, you will increase weight by 30 to 40 pounds) and then cut untill they see the six pack again. If done well, you might have gained 20 pounds muscle and 20 pounds fat, and then cut the 20 pounds fat and maybe lost 3 pounds muscle. End result is you get 17 pounds more muscle and you see the six pack again.

    You need to track calories in and out, have a proper training routine, make sure the diet is clean (dont eat lots of icecream just to gain weight.) Eat more clean foods in the proper nutritional balance. Use Good nutritional tracking site and free. Get the proper balance of carbs, protein and fats. Fats are EFA’s. They are good fats and the body needs them. Dont confuse fats with saturated fats or icecream fats. Those will be the wrong type and in the wrong combination. Check out some muscle building forums. Great sites are discussbodybuilding wannabebig.


    what i do is this i touch my chest and press it if its harder than before or if its wobbly then i know i need to work it on more
    legs i wiggle it and if it shaking with no controll then i work on my legs
    if your arms chest legs feel soft then means that you work on them thats i think and thats what iv been doing and now my body getting harder i can feel it gym 5 days a week each muscle a week monday chest n tricep tuesday legs wendsday biceps n back friday shoulders thursday i do muai thai which is good leg strenghting and conditioning of body


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