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How do you join a soccer team?

I’m from the UK, in my 30’s, never played football in my life, and would like to join a football team for recreation. How do I get into this at this late stage in my life and lacking any skill? I don’t want to be the next Fernando Torres; I just want to keep fit dong something besides running on a treadmill like a hampster.

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4 Responses to “How do you join a soccer team?”

  1. John G said :

    your best bet is 5 a side indoor soccer try get another 4 to make a team and go to your local community centre there should be some type of a league going on sign up

  2. josh kerry said :

    go to a local community center. or ask ur mates. normally their are rec teams in every village.

  3. Ginaaa123 said :

    well i think soccer wouldnt be right for you since youve never played because if u did and u joined a team the people youd be on a team with would be really good and its not that easy to just go right into a sport without knowing anything about it. maybe just run around ur neighborhood to stay in fit on a nice sunny day or ride your bike.

  4. Everi1dizs said :

    You might want to try your local listings on Craigslist. I found posting of pick-up soccer games on there for my local area.

  5. Achour said :

    My name is Achour oussama I am from Algeria am 24 years old student and I wanted to ask you if could join your team


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