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how do you get slimmer hips?

any tips?

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10 Responses to “how do you get slimmer hips?”

  1. louisie said:

    Hip surgery. Or the alternative is to just love yourself how you are

  2. amberrrr said:

    If its your bone structure there is not much to do, but if you have extra fat on them you basically have to eat healthy, eat your recommended amount of calories for your height/age etc, and excersise regularly. Or take the lazy route like the celebs – lipo (JOKE)

  3. The Great Gazoo said:

    Umm hips are bone you can’t slim bone.

  4. lilyj said:

    I have the same problem. Hips are really hard to get rid of. I try just running every day/using the elliptical/jogging etc.

  5. honeykissed246 said:

    Running…preferably long distance running. If you can’t run jog and work your way up. This will help slim your hips. Make sure that you lift weights for tone. Get with a trainer they will be able to give you some tips.

  6. Caroline J said:

    You can’t do anything to make them actually smaller sadly.
    However you can make them appear smaller. Instead of hipster jeans wear jeans that are higher wasted. For the summer wear long floaty tops and dresses that will cover the hip bones.

    Why not add shimmer on the natural V you get when you have smaller hip bones to make the ellusion that they are smaller.

    Just look at your hips and think, you know what they are sexy!

  7. helen s said:

    Try going cycling… half an hour a day should be plenty. Try some running aswell. An hour at the gym 4 or 5 times a week should sort you out.

  8. rick j said:

    Exercise that you enjoy and a lower calorie heathy diet.

    Spot reduction does not work, by that I mean doing an exercise for a particular area of the body to lose fat on that area. If you do not believe this watch a amateur marathon were average people have trained an are able to run 26 miles yet many still have what some would consider large hips.

    You should do a whole body work-out that way you will burn more calories and build up muscle which burns more calories even at rest.

    There are no magic exercises that can drop weight off problem regions. The best kind of exercise is exercise that you enjoy and will continue with for the long term to realize results.

    Also remember do not let fashion models determine your self esteem and idea of your ideal body shape. Remember that fashion’s ideal form does not exist in the real world but is an illusion created by tape, filters and plenty of photoshop.

  9. nurgle69 said:

    Why bigger hips the better

  10. Chuioyu I said:

    Side Lying Hip Raises
    Area toned: Hips

    Procedure: Lie down on the mat on your left, legs outstretched. Keep your head within your hands and bend the left leg. Lift the right leg about 8-12 inches off the ground, without bending the knee. Now lower it slowly. Repeat this 15-20 times and then switch the sides and continue.

    To increase intensity: Tie weight cuffs around the ankles. Use 1 lb initially and then slowly increase the weight to finally reach 5 lb within the span of 4-6 weeks. You can also raise the leg and make 10 large circles in the air in clockwise direction. Repeat the same process in the anticlockwise direction.


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