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How do you get rid of lower belly fat with out loosing your boobs?

I wanna get rid of my lower belly fat with out loosing an ounce of boob fat. How do I do that with out machines?

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7 Responses to “How do you get rid of lower belly fat with out loosing your boobs?”

  1. billy madison said :

    try ab work

  2. Lucy said :

    you cant cuz you cant target one area when you lose it you lose it all over

  3. Stacey C said :

    This will not effect your boobs.
    The best and easiest way to get abs is dieting right, low fats, lots of water, and fruits.
    Walk a few days a week to burn any fat in the midsection and run a few days a week to tone the stomach. Here’s a list of more foods and workouts u can do to help speed the process.

  4. Angie said :

    I wonder the same thing. I don’t know how to do it with machines. Running is the only thing that ever completely got rid of lower belly fat for me.

  5. LaughOutLoud said :

    you do crunches. If you want your boobs to look bigger, try push-ups.

  6. hunny bunny said :

    lipo, and get implants. they way better than ugly real boobs..

  7. Alex said :

    I see why you are asking this as its generally hard to target one specific place without losing fat from other places on your body. However, if you eat healthy and exercise, you tend to lose weight in your stomach, hips and waist. Just make sure you don’t undereat, because that will not affect your stomach as much as it will your chest.
    Another good tip is eat grapefruit! It really helps to slim down your waist line. I did a grapefruit diet where you eat half a grapefruit with every meal and it was successful.
    And definitely do ab work. Muscle helps burn fat.
    Good luck!


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