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How do you get rid of fat without turning it into muscle?

I have been playing soccer for 11 years and my legs are really muscly. When soccer stops, they turn back into fat. Is there a way to get rid of the fat without turning it back into muscle? I don’t want to be this huge muscly girl.

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9 Responses to “How do you get rid of fat without turning it into muscle?”

  1. jojo said :

    i think anything cardio workouts

  2. flibbits said :

    Fat does not turn into muscle, and muscle does not turn into fat.

    You can get rid of excess fat, all over the body, by eating less and/or excercising more.

    You cannot spot remove fat in the legs.

  3. Michael C said :

    low fat medium carb diet and fast walking. any weight training shouold be max reps and minimum weight.

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  5. Shroomie said :

    The best way would be pilates. Doing pilates forms very lean muscle that keeps you toned without being bulky.

  6. Sam said :

    Pilates! This is made specifically to tone not build muscle. Though it can be very hard to do.

  7. blcria said :

    You don’t turn fat into muscle. You burn fat and build muscle. Keep running after soccer is over and you shouldn’t have a problem.

  8. comshaw1 said :

    If you want your muscles to atrophy, simply lie around and eat only enough to maintain basic metabolism. It’s not very healthy but it would achieve the desired end.

  9. sunshine_today said :

    well, those muscles burn a lot more calories than fat does, so it isn’t so bad to be a “muscly girl”.


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