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How do you get a family member to stop smoking?

I’ve been trying forever to get my mother to stop smoking.

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6 Responses to “How do you get a family member to stop smoking?”

  1. PinkAce said :

    The reality of the matter is, she has to want to stop smoking herself. I have many friends whose spouses make them stop, only to have them smoking secretly. Quitting smoking is a mental decision, and a mental struggle.Only when your mother truely beliwves in her heart that she has enough of smoking, will she do it. At that time, it is important for you to be there to give her support, as it is very difficult indeed.
    Start telling her you want her aound even when you are old & talk about prolonging her life, health & youthfulness by quitting smoking.
    After all these, the rest is really up to her.
    But believe me – quitting soking is all in the mind. I’m a testimony to this.

  2. Sharon S said :

    It has to be up to them. You can’t force them. Encourage them to stop and tell them the benefits.

  3. Jess said :

    Maybe you could show her some of the disgusting pictures.. Maybe you could tell her how it effects you and maybe is she can’t quit not to smoke infront of you.

  4. 10 Stars* said :

    The way I see it, you can’t make anyone stop smoking. They have to do it out of their own free will, they must want to stop and must make it their prerogative. I know that its tough to deal with that but people will do what they want until they choose to do otherwise. I am a smoker and all those ads that have been on tv showing what your lungs end up looking like as a result of increased smoking, etc, has never stopped me… Only time will tell I guess.

  5. Kisses said :

    make her drink lots of water so she won’t have hot flashes. that’s what i did 🙂

  6. Tique said :

    I know it sounds like a shameless plug, but it really worked for me and my partner…. a book called Allen Carr – The EasyWay to stop smoking.


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