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How do you gain muscle mass with a high metbaolism?

I’m a fairly healthy 21 year old female, around 5’4, 110 lbs. I just recently started taking advantage of the fitness center at my university so I could tone up some muscles & get in better shape. I tend to eat alot of carbs because I was told carbs help you gain muscle mass. However, I also have a really high metabolism, so I tend to burn everything off quickly. Should I just eat more carbs or are there other foods or methods that can help you develop muscle mass?

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6 Responses to “How do you gain muscle mass with a high metbaolism?”

  1. Lisa A said :

    You need protein, not carbs, to build muscle. Muscles are made out of protein. If you don’t eat the building blocks of muscles, your body can’t manufacture muscle.

    And you should see a doctor to make sure you don’t have a muscle wasting condition like hyperthyroidism.

  2. Steelhead said :

    Weight training…and eat like a horse…the girl above is right, you need protein in addition to your carbs…I eat both and greens and fruit, like I said lift weights and eat like a horse.

  3. Sheryl R said :

    Protein & weights.

  4. tuff luv said :

    read tips on gianing muscle mass and dietary needs to help you better on this site

  5. Becky S said :

    I’m strugeling on that to exsept it is the other way. I eat A LOT of peanut butter, and so I’m gaining a Lot of muscle mass. I run, jog, sit- ups, and jumping jake, etc. and I’ve gained like 2 lbs of muscle. So if you like peanut butter try that. Also fish, turcky, and chicken are all good sorces of protine.

    You need Protine to build muscle ;0)
    Hope that Helps
    ♥ Becky

  6. Sean Penn said :

    You need carbs for energy AND for rebuilding after a weight lifting routine. Eat some carbs before your work out ( 1 hr before) and immediately after your workout drink a carb and protein shake followed by a solid meal. Find you resting metabolic rate and eat 500 more calories then needed to maintain your body weight. If you find your not gaining any muscle add more calories. On top of eating carbs and protein, your body need a SURPLUS of calories to build your muscles bigger. As female with a high metabolism, be realistic about how fast you can add muscle and think long term.


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