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How do you find out if your health insurance covers mental health?

I need to find out if my health insurance plans cover psychologist visits and mental illnesses. Thanks!

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4 Responses to “How do you find out if your health insurance covers mental health?”

  1. dasher said :

    i call the number on the back of the card

  2. L.G. said :

    If the insurance is through your employer, you should have been given a brochure with information on all the conditions the insurance covers – and the percentage of costs it covers.

    If you don’t have that information, call the number on your insurance card and ask to speak to someone who can verify exactly what conditions are included and from whom you can request that they send you a copy of the brochure.

    You always want something that is written down to have as back-up in case someone gives you conflicting information or you are refused coverage in error.

  3. Bottoms Up said :

    ahum. Ok Sir, what’s your policy number (on the card) and your name? I’ll look it up for you!

  4. Dave S said : – here is my health insurance. As I remember they can provide such a service.


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