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How do you exercise without gaining muscle?

I want to exercise (to lose weight) and I gained muscle from running too much. What other ways can I exercise to just lose weight, without gaining muscle?

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9 Responses to “How do you exercise without gaining muscle?”

  1. ashleythenot said :

    Cycle. Elliptical?

    I don’t get much muscle mass from that.

  2. bencatt2009 said :

    My question would be how do you know you gained muscle? Running all the time can result in worse metabolism while running, which means you’ll be gaining a little weight at a time if you’re always running the same speed/distance…

    As for your question, it’s not possible. Jogging brings lean muscle tissue, so I’d say do that. I would actually lift weights every three days or so. You won’t really gain weight as much as convert your fat weight into muscle weight. Your body is built to adapt to its surroundings. There are no exceptions.

  3. Máire Siobhán said :

    Don’t do any weight lifting. Do aerobics, core strengthening with a balance ball, stretches, and esp. yoga.

    It’s a good idea to put on some muscle, though, as muscle is very metabolically active and helps you burn fat and stay slim.

  4. Nahnah said :

    do exercises that bring up your heart rate but don’t give you “the burn”
    or do things like yoga- i have no idea how it works but it TOTALLY helps you lose weight.
    also a good way to lose weight (or just get a healthy metabolism) is never sit still. if you’re sitting down, try tapping your foot. it’s surprisingly good for you.

    sadly, my teachers don’t understand that…

  5. iiiigoodguyiiii said :

    It is almost impossible to gain muscle from running to much.
    In order to gain muscle, one must lift weights, heavy sets, and eat a lot of protein.

    It is very common that people become more hungry when they exercise. Keep your calorie intake low and drink more water.

  6. caddy said :

    …ask for a help from a PE teacher…

  7. JUNE 21♣ said :

    Running will help you loose weight, gain muscle, and get healthy. Have you ever heard of exercising just for fun, or to be healthy instead of loosing weight??? Loosing weight does come along with being healthy!

  8. Calvin B said :

    Dont eat too much meat, protiens give u muscles.

  9. Jesus Christ is Lord! said :

    ok, take it slowly.. if u do weights an everything, dont push all the pressure on you……… if you take it slowly and lightly then you will get stronger, lose fat, but have no muscle.. but thats only if you take it slowly………. but i don’t see why you wouldn’t want muscle……….. haha, June, you spell “losing” wrong……… you said “loosing” twice…….


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