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How do the health benefits compare between walking and running?

I know running burns more calories in the same amount of time, but if I just take up walking, how do the long-term health benefits compare? Is running more heart-healthy, or are they about the same? What are the pros and cons of each?

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3 Responses to “How do the health benefits compare between walking and running?”

  1. ajipz said :

    walking almost injury free.

  2. Leslie A said :

    As a nurse I would reccomend brisk walking with a small set of hand weights and bending arms up and down as you walk . to start out with lets you body get used to the exercise and allows you to tone arms too.

  3. anikaM said :

    Some people develop knee/foot problems with running. Walking is all-round healthier ( less brutal to the body) . But that means brisk walking not leisure walking.


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