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How do I weight myself properly to get an accurate reading?

I usually weigh myself first thing in the morning, same time, but its always between 128 & 130.5 So does that mean I gain weight and lose weight up and down every other day? So when would I know if I actual lost a pound? Would it be 127?

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3 Responses to “How do I weight myself properly to get an accurate reading?”

  1. Bella said :

    Weigh yourself at the same time everyday and that should be accurate

  2. Kate said :

    Well it comes down to fluids in your system. You might over do it eating the wrong kinds of food, and find that the weights reflect this.

  3. Happy to help said :

    There’s no use weighing yourself everyday. The body goes through variations that are difficult to measure consistently within such short periods. You need to weight yourself once a week and on the same day and same time every week and note down the results.

    This will give you real results and an accurate picture of whether you are losing or gaining weight.

    Although, you will weigh somewhat lesser if the measurement is made in the morning, it is only an artificial satisfaction you can derive.

    The real test is is to see how your weight fares every week, whether you want to maintain or lose or gain weight.

    In case you are more serious about accurate measurements, you should also measure body fat content along with weight – there are some weighing machines from Tanita that provide this. You could lose weight but if your fat content is the same or higher, it means that you are losing lean body mass and putting on more fat, which is not a desirable thing. So, for perfection, both body weight and fat must be measured, especially if you are on a fitness plan.

    For more casual purposes, measuring weekly weight would do.


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