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How do I trick my body into losing weight again?

I’ve lost 45lbs in 7 months through diet and exercise and still have another 45 to go. Over the last month I have been unable to lose any weight and although I’ve gone down one dress size I still feel like I should be losing pounds. I’ve been told that my body has adjusted to my workout routine and that I need to change it. I’ve changed the intensity as well as my resistance training routine and still nothing. Any suggestions?

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6 Responses to “How do I trick my body into losing weight again?”

  1. cream272003 said :

    try cutting some carbs out of your diet and add alot more cardio to your exercise routine.

  2. star said :

    You need to eat some junk food. It will speed your metabolism back up. Your body has gotten used to your dieting and excising, which has stopped your metabolism. This is what I have always been told, so hope it helps 😉

  3. Avon said :

    You’ve hit a plateau, very common. My suggestion is going to sound crazy, but it works. For a week or two, stop exercising, do something maybe light if you have to, a walk around th block for example, but not anything intense. And, also, go off your diet…not radically, but just eat normal food. Depending on what you call “normal” you may actually gain a few pounds in this rest period, but it will allow your body to adjust back to its old calorie burning and function. Then, when you go back on your diet/exercise program, it will shock your body back into shedding pounds. Hope this helps!

  4. K K said :

    Just like the person above me said. Just keep working at it and eventually the pounds should slip off. In the mean time, think positive. Be proud of all the weight you have lost already and know that you can loose the rest. Good luck!

  5. Neicy said :

    i know a simple way 2 lose 30 Serious pounds n just 30DAYS!!! it works EVERY time & u can ask Any doctor. my mom went on this diet and so did several of my friends & co-workers, it Never fails. itz COMPLETLY safe & requires NO exercise.
    All u need to do is go Cold-turkey & QUIT eating EVERYTHING accept Fruit & Veggies. thatz IT. but 2 get even Better results, eat Frozzen veggies that come in a Bag (not those canned goods full of sodium) & with the fruit: Have @ IT!!!!! itz pure WATER with PURE sweetners. & drink Only WATER. it May start out difficult, but be Persistant & by This May u will look n the mirror & be AMAZED!!!!
    now, i must warn u, wen the weght comes off (& it Will come off if u stick 2 the diet), u may feel tempted 2eat freely again. DONT do that. it may cause sickness. the foods we normally eat n America aren’t very Pure & after a month of nothing but fruits & veggies, ur body may have a hard time breaking down fast foods & heavy red meats. we all know that Getting the weight off is 1 thing, but Keeping it off is Another.
    & 1more thing: LOVE YOURSELF. no matter How “Skinny” or “fat” u r, u ARE who u ARE & thats Not gonna change. Beauty is Truely only skin deep.

  6. brettR said :

    Well I know that when I lift, if I don’t change up my exercises I stop gaining muscle. I am not that great at keeping up to date with my progress though so I use a online service (from menshealth).

    My fiancee uses a similar service for women – please bear with me, I am just going to cut and paste their quote from the site – she has been able to keep her weight off and looks better than ever… you can always try out the free trial (link below) – good luck!

    “Jillian’s hardcore exercise routine is customized for your body, your needs, and your goals. Her online program will teach you excellent exercises, how to break bad habits, and the right foods to eat for your body type. Let Jillian help you shed pounds, increase energy, and get fit–finally! Check Jillian out, and accept her FREE weight loss challenge!”


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