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How do i throw up to loose weight?

Im 16 years old and i had my son 9months ago and i think im huge now. I use to be really skinny before i had my son. I dont have time to work out ; go running or none of that. So iwant to try throwing up and drinking nothing but water to loose it. Iwant to loose 20 to 30 pounds. How many times a day do i have to throw up to loose the weight quickly.

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9 Responses to “How do i throw up to loose weight?”

  1. Ty'asia Thompson said :

    No you wont lose weight, you might gain weight. Also you will lose all the nutrients of the food and become super unhealthy. If you want to lose weight try eating healthier, exercise- the normal. But if you vomit after eating your body will have absorbed the fats and the calories (depending how fast your metabolism is), but since the food has not been fully digested the nutrients and fats you need to be healthy will not have been absorbed. Once you vomit, you might eat more because you are still hungry causing a chain of unhealthy eating. So no don’t vomit, it wont help anything.

  2. Shaquille said :

    I think you should know this is a huge health hazard. Just find time to exercise or get a treadmill or excercise bike.

  3. Emily said :

    try a diet instead. you throwing up to those weight is a bad thing, this could really get you sick because the energy your body needs will be gone. if you want to be a good mom for your baby boy, you have to act like a good influence!!

  4. Charlotte said :

    I know your going to disagree with this, but throwing up really isn’t the answer. Instead try and have a healthy diet and regular excercise. This is the only way you will be able to sustain a healthy weight. Alternatively, talk to your doctor for more advice.

  5. edgar moreno said :

    well its up to you to do this but when you start doing this you will start loosing weight but you will still fill unsatisfied and keep doing it you will get really skinny but feel fat…i had patients with this problem yes it is a problem i advise taking him to a baby sitter while you do you work out jog… don’t have to even go to the gym while the baby is sleeping do crunched sit ups or job in place or buy one of those machines that help you loose weight…don’t do that bull shit

  6. Joey said :

    First, what the hell are you thinking? this is stupid! Your risking getting sick doing this crap. Then who takes care of the child? Not only is this bad for you, but also for your child. If you want to lose weight, you will make time in your day.

    Start growing up by making smarter decisions! Your not just thinking for yourself anymore, your thinking for your child as well.

  7. hope said :

    Doing this can cause you to rupture your stomach or esophagus. When that happens you die immediately–so your parents or son will find you dead over the toilet bowl. Really… leaving your son motherless is worth being “skinny”. You are selfish.

  8. suzis said :

    Don’t throw up to lose weight, you won’t. Also that is a serious eating disorder called bulimia. Please don’t do that, you could become seriously ill. There are lots of ways to lose weight, try weight watchers. And you have to exercise, it’s an absolute must to lose weight. You need to find some time for yourself to do this. Even if you get an exercise dvd and use that everyday. Also I think you should enjoy your child. Remember there are many people out there that can’t have them. Be thankful that you can.

  9. adviceinlife said :

    Throwing up is the worst thing you can do to your body and is really unhealthy. The stuff that you throw up with along with food/drink will cause problems with your esaphogaus (spelling) and ruin it since the stuff your body uses to digest is acidic. Please dont do this if you want to be healhy. Plus its a bad influence on your kid. Instead try eating healthier. Do a few sit ups a day, run in place before you start off your day or anything your about to do. I am pretty sure you can look up excercises online that you can do that only takes 5-15 minutes that you can do in between doing things.
    Just please dont throw up. And please make healthier choices, even though it might not be quick as you wamt but atleast you are doing whats best for your body by not throwing up.


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