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How do I stop my dad smoking around me?

My dad has smoked since he was 15 and hes now in his forties. Ever since I was born, Im 18, he has smoked around me. I dont think he realises what kind of damage smoking does, nevermind second hand smoking. I really want him to quit smoking but he always says ‘In order to quit you actually have to want to, and right now I dont want to.’ Which I think is very selfish because hes shortening his and all the people he smokes arounds life. Any ways I can get him to quit all around? Or atleast stop smoking around me and my family?

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7 Responses to “How do I stop my dad smoking around me?”

  1. vavavoom. said :

    Whenever my dad does that, I tell him, “Are you trying to kill me? If you want to die, die by yourself. Smoke outside!”

    He can’t say anything back to me, cos I do have a point. I’m about your age. I don’t care if he doesn’t quit, I just don’t want him smoking around me. I guess you have to talk to him firmly.

  2. kinkstafizzle said :

    Tell him there wouldn’t be laws about not smoking around people if it wouldn’t be serious. Tell him you don’t like it, If he can’t respect you and your health let that be his choice and don’t go around him as much… he needs to realize he is being selfish

  3. Mark said :

    Ask him for a cigarette and a light. Then smash the cigarette up. And toss the lighter as far as you can!

  4. crisdeee said :

    Forget getting him to stop….that wont happen till he wants to stop. as for smoking around you and your family, just tell him it is his choice to smoke and yours not to. just as you respect his choise too, he should respect yours not to. He should also be reminded daily that seconed hand smoke does kill

  5. chuck t said :

    Have you talked to him about this? do you live at home? If you still live at home tell him how you feel. After that every time he lights up you get up and leave the room and tell him why you are leaving. You are exactly right Smoking around you is not good for you. Now that you are 18 you have the right NOT to be subjected to second hand smoke. how you choose to demand that right is up to you. If you dont live at home every time he lights up you leave and go home. If he wants to see you he will either not smoke while you are there or quit all together. On the other hand He does have the right to smoke especially in his own home.

  6. terlynn_1370 said :

    I doubt you’ll be able to get him to. Do you still live at home? If so, you’re stuck with what he wants to do in his own house; however, if you have your own place, you can set your own rules…no smoking inside. Nobody smokes inside my house and I try to keep the kids away from it if we’re at somebody else’s house (though it’s not always possible).

    He’s got a valid point, if he doesn’t want to quit, you’re not going to be able to get him to. It took a major health scare for my mother-in-law to finally want to quit smoking (and she did!).

  7. Jamie said :

    Do a little research on the effects it can have on him and everyone else, not just physical but also if something does happen to him or someone else, the psychological effects. My Dad is now in remission from tobacco related cancer (THANK GOD) and will never touch or be around the stuff again! Maybe if he realizes how badly it can affect not only him but everyone around him and that cares for him it will be enough for him to want to quit. From then on there are several ways to help him quit.


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