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How do I stop muscle depletion when running?

So I want to build up muscle, and lose fat. So I started to lift with a trainer. And now I have a layer of muscle under a small layer of fat. I want to run but my trainer said it depletes muscles. Is there a way I can stop that? Is there a way for my body to use fat as fuel and not muscles?

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2 Responses to “How do I stop muscle depletion when running?”

  1. THE CHOSEN ONE said :

    eat more, gives your body more energy to work with

  2. Baz Marlow said :

    A some bodybuilders that want to get really big might not do any running if they are trying to add serious bulk but when they are cutting down fat I am sure nearly all of them do cardio.

    Running will not deplete muscle cells for two reasons, firstly the body will use the immediate source of energy which is carbohydrate (sugars) in the cells once they are depleted it will use the sugar in the blood stream and after that it will use the fat stores.

    Your body will only use protein (muscle tissue) as a source of energy if your calorie intake is below 700 calories (practically starving).

    So going back to my second point that the body burns fat once the carbohydrate runs out… If you could go running when carbohydrate levels are naturally low these would quickly run out and the body would be forced to use fat stores.

    When you first wake up carbohydrate stores are low due to the overnight fast therefore running at this time will cause the remaining carbohydrate to be used and up and literally force your body into burning fat.

    You should try and aim for at least 40 minutes of light cardio maybe 3-5 times per week.

    If you do this and you lose muscle mass contact me and I will buy you 6 months supply of protein shakes because I seriously think your trainer is talking out his ass.


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