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How do I start a fitness program based on ‘skipping’?

I run/jog most days of the week, but recently felt like a change and saw this as a way of adding some variety to my fitness routine.

Approximately how many minutes a day should I start off with? I tried to do it continuously for about 10, but found I cold only manage 5 – it is so strenuous, but also fun!!

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2 Responses to “How do I start a fitness program based on ‘skipping’?”

  1. ♥ Steff ♥ said :

    you can do skipping as a end to your warmup workout.


  2. Forlorn Hope-only 5 suspensions said :

    start with some warm up exercises,
    then try some skipping for 2 mins,
    do some other exercises,
    do more skipping
    simple… 😀

    and try for other ideas…


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