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How do I set up my own insurance (dental and medical) under my corporation?

I am in the process of starting my own corporation. I wanted to setup my own dental and medical insurance for myself. I will be the only employee of the corp. How would I go about setting up my own dental and medical insurance under my new corporation?

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4 Responses to “How do I set up my own insurance (dental and medical) under my corporation?”

  1. Insurance Made said :

    In order to have group insurance you need at least two employees. it could be you and your spouse, but you would have to have her on the payroll.

    Other than that you can just purchase individual coverage

    Try using to search for (group) health insurance brokers in your area.

    Don’t call your auto and home agent they specialize in property and causality insurance. You need someone that specializes in health insurance.

    A Broker represents multiple carriers and can help you sort through all the different insurance companies and plan options in your state

  2. [email protected] said :

    put away 2000.00 / month for coverage under 15,000…buy major med wiyh deductible of 15,000

  3. SD Mike said :

    In most states, you need a minimum of 2 people to qualify for a group plan. That doesn’t have to be 2 employees. It can be you + 1 employee, or two partners. Most companies are going to require documentation to prove that 2 people are involved in the business. They will usually ask for copies of your articles or incorporation, breakdown of ownership and unemployment insurance reports (DE-6 if in CA).

  4. mbrcatz17 said :

    You go to an agent, and ask them to get you quotes for dental and medical insurance.

    You don’t get a group rate that way, and it gets individually underwritten – so if you’ve got stuff wrong with you, they’re not going to take you, or they won’t cover that stuff.


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