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How do I nicely get my boyfriend to lose weight?

When we first started dating my boyfriend was a little overweight, but he’s gained almost 40 pounds since we’ve been dating. Diabetes runs in his family so I’m worried about his health. I’ve tried suggesting he joins the gym I work out at and encourage him to go running but he always says he’ll do it later. How can I help him lose weight without being unkind or making it seem like I find him unattractive?

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19 Responses to “How do I nicely get my boyfriend to lose weight?”

  1. b3nzin said :

    take his ass to the beach! And while you’re at it play with him against other people in VOLLEYBALL!

  2. ParrotEyes said :

    Tell him you’re not interested in dating a fat man and either he loses the weight or he loses you.

  3. Papi Chulo said :

    Have him play soccer. Soccer players burn all the calories & fat because they run one side to the other for 45 minutes.

  4. sistergirl said :

    Be direct,but nice and tell him how you feel and why.!If he gets defensive and upset, then he is not concerned about his self.!

  5. berny said :

    Just tell him the truth straight up that how us men like it

  6. <~EK~> said :

    lead by example.
    if you are extremely hot, your boyfriend will get off his butt for fear of losing you to some sexy beast like myself

  7. Richy said :

    just tell him that you want the two of you to be healthier and then just try to go for walks and eat less junk, a little bit goes a long way

  8. 7 said :

    Tell him:
    “honey, I need to go to the gym but all of my friends have something to do. let’s go to the gym together pretty please.”

  9. zacster246 said :

    Tell his fatass to get up off the coach and to go run with you because you would like his company there.

  10. Tyler K said :

    Buy him the Wii fit of course! No but seriously just be direct with him and say that you’re concerned for him. There’s really no other way around it. Losing 40 pounds requires serious commitment. And the only way he’ll lose that is if you sit down with him and tell him straight up.

  11. peter said :

    Take him to the gym.

  12. ♥C!ARA♥ said :

    well if you live together i would slowly start switching the food to sugar free and start buying more healthy foods. also tell him your worried and that the only reason your saying something is becasue you care and love him. im sure he will understand

  13. Sean said :

    just tell him to take a walk with you.
    or a run with you.
    if he says no.
    pretend like your mad at him.
    then he might do it with you.

  14. SJVPEC said :

    well i think there are two ways:
    1) be direct and tell him you wish him to lose weight not because you think he is unattractive but rather because you’re worried about his health. Tell him all the terrible stuff that can happen if one is overweight like heart attack, clogged arteries, etc
    2) try to fool him into getting active. find if likes some type of sport and encourage him to play it. maybe you can play with him or get some friends to play with him. you could also go to the pool and play something that makes him swim a lot.

    or have a lot of sex! sry i just to throw that there… it does burn plenty of calories though lol

  15. blackcat1 said :

    I would assume you live together.Change his diet and start feeding him good food.Don’t buy $hit with lots of fat in it and buy more fruits a veggies in it .Do not make huge amounts you must be a good cook if he eats so much.You can make things that taste good without being fatty.give him a big salad before he eats .Grab him by the hand and drag him out the door for exercise.Even if its only a walk.Walk faster than he wants to.

  16. krizzz said :

    Don’t just suggest it!!!!! if you want changes try doing what you are preaching with him. That would make a difference and he wont put it aside because he would definitely feel at the end that you really care try it. Then he will realize you are doing it for this own good. Good luck. 🙂

  17. reesejin said :

    you’re going to need to talk to him, and i’m sure you’ll find your own way of saying nicely how much you want him to be healthy and you’re concerned for his risk of diabetes. But most of the focus will be in what he eats and the type of exercise he gets.

    When you guys eat meals together, try to make sure the meals are light and healthy. like soups. grilled lean meats with veggies, salads, etc.If you’re eating out, split your dish between the two of you. (saves money too). Maybe encourage him to drink water or ice tea (sweetened with honey instead of sugar.) I say honey because its a complex sugar which is better sweet alternative to regular sugar and even artificial sweeteners (b/c they’re bad for you).

    Also too, there is no need to tell him to exercise alone. Exercise with him! Its always better with company. Maybe the gym isn’t the place for him. Not all people like working out on treadmills/elipticals or lifting weights. See if he’d be interested in doing a sport with you. Make a date to go somewhere with a tennis court, or a volleyball net. If he doesn’t like that, maybe some basketball or tag football with other friends. Go swimming. Ask him if he’s interested in learning a Martial Art.. Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Ju Jitsu,Karate, kung fu, Aikido, etc.

  18. matia782000 said :

    I know it hard. Men are sensitive just like women are. I went through it with my guy. He gained a bunch of weight and his blood pressure went up. I talked to my guy about bike riding and told him I wanted to get out more with him. We both got bikes and dropped 20 pounds. I do the cooking and grocery shopping, so I pretty much stopped buying red meat most of the time. I started substituting healthier foods. I told him that I wanted both of us to be healthy because we are not young anymore. You can do little things like that with out saying things directly. Tell him you want to go for a hike and pack a healthy lunch. Make it a routine. If you notice that he is eating badly(like a candy bar), tell him that you love him and you are worried about his diabetes. Tell him that you don’t want this disease to make him sick and that you want to live a healthy life style with him.

  19. Trowa Barton said :

    if he calls himself a man, then just tell him straight up, “your looking unattractive, lose weigh or im gone” and if he gets all emotional and womenly about it, then its time for him to go. if he really cares for you, he will lose that weight for you, not for himself

    i know you asked for a nice way, but as the saying goes, “nice guys finish last”, it can be applied to girls also

    if he is willing to lose weight, show him this website, it might give him some motivation


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