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how do i make a low carb whip cream?

they say that heavy cream is low carb but when i looked at the lable i saw 1 carb for every tablespoon i think thats alot guess when its whipped the serving size changes i dont know explain ?

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3 Responses to “how do i make a low carb whip cream?”

  1. Al said :

    Simply, because some vendors add sugar to their cream and whipped cream. Try a generic store heavy cream instead, I’ll be it’s zero carb…

    To make whipped cream, either get some whipits (Nitrous Oxide) or just whip it with an egg beater until it gets fluffy… You can add Equal or Sweet ‘n’ Low for sweetener…

    Good luck…

  2. wet26 said :

    it’s low carb, but high fat. whipping incorporates air, which i think is carb free, so 1 tablespoon of whipped cream has the same amount of carbs, or a negligible difference.

  3. Smokin Vanilla said :

    ur correct, when its whipped the serving changing

    u can use sweetener such as splenda


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